Tuesday, October 25, 2016

SDCC Exclusive Mattel Thundercats Wilykit & Wilykat

I've had this pair for awhile now. A review is long overdue. Here's a look at the SDCC exclusive Mattel Thundercats Wilykit & Wilykat.

The cardboard insert opens up into a diorama of the Cats Lair. I really like the printed image. I would have liked if it were bigger. I wonder if Matty will do a Cats Lair playset.  

Wilykit is the younger sibling of the pair. She is the adventurous sort and rather playful, which is the impression you get from the cheeky expression on her face. She's got a great head sculpt and has a good likeness. The paint apps for her eyes and eyebrows are great. Gloss paint was used for her eyes and it catches the light very well. You may notice a double sparkle, inclusive of the painted kind in her eyes in the pics. I feel the white on her face is a little too thick. Her hair was well done and has good detail. The black streak was painted okay. There are a couple of black splotches on my figure though to my annoyance. I do like that there's some shading in her hair. She wears a pink and blue dress. There's some nice wrinkle detail on it. The circular portion of the logo was sculpted and the cat image was well painted. The lower portion of her dress is flexible and does allow for some leg articulation. 

Wilykat looks just as good and has a good likeness. Again the head sculpt here is great. The overall look is let down by some poorly painted eyes. His right eye is looking to his right and his left eye is looking left. It makes him look awkward. A good thing is its not too noticeable from a distance. The hair was well done and I like that its got some shading in it. The white area was not properly painted and you can see the flesh coloured base underneath. He wears a tunic. They made one very noticeable error and that is the colour of his right sleeve which is supposed to be brown. The light brown trimming was sculpted and there's nice wrinkle detail on his attire. The bracers on his wrists too were sculpted as were his boots. The belt is part of the "skirt" portion overlay. The paint apps for the Thundercats logo is good.

Accessories. Wilykit comes with an extra pair of interchangeable gripping hands, her lasso, a coiled lasso and her blue Spaceboard (pictured upper half of the following image). Wilykat comes with an extra pair of relaxed grip hands, a left hand with sculpted coloured pellets with smoke emanating from them,  a whip, a coiled up whip and his Spaceboard (the one with light brown edges). There are also two stands included to be used with the Spaceboards. I would have liked if they included some coloured pellets. The pair often used them in the show. 

You probably would have noticed holes on the back of the figures. That's where you can have them carry their coiled weapons. 

To attach the Spaceboard to the stand simply slide in the elongated section into the slot and peg it in. The Spaceboard is pretty secure on the stand. 

A great thing about the stand is that it has a ball joint and you can have the pair flying at various angles. Unfortunately we cannot position the Spaceboard leaning to one side as the stand will fall over. Do be careful when turning the joint as it is quite stiff and feels like its going to break at times.

Both Thunderkittens have the same articulation. They have a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, wrist swivel, waist rotation, peg hinge hips, swivel hinge knees and ankle hinge and pivot. Both can look up and down just a bit. There's not much bend at the elbows and knees. They also cannot raise their legs up much due to the lower portion of their attire. 

Just one comparison shot.

Both look great and are nice figures. I wish the range of articulation was better and I would have liked if they had one or two more accessories. Thanks for viewing!

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Wow! Never seen these before, very cool.