Sunday, September 11, 2016

STGCC 2016 Artist Alley Feature - ZEKEZACHZOOM (Stand AA24)

There's a number of new faces in the Artist Alley at STGCC this year. Several stalls caught the eye, including one ZEKEZACHZOOM which I recall seeing at the Star Wars Day event earlier this year. I decided to have a chat with him. 

ZEKEZACHZOOM is a toy photography site where fun, sometimes weird mashups happens. Sunny is the man behind the name and he is selling his work in the form of prints. It's pronounced "Zeek-zag-zoom" and it was actually derived from the names of his kids with the "zoom" portion added by himself. He likes the name as it is unique, and it made for easy registering of a website. He had the need for a name as he often saw his work published on other various websites.  

He got started with toy photography when he messed around with a Spider-man figure which was left unpacked when his family was moving house. The response online he got from it was positive and he decided to continue taking photos. Sunny now works mainly with Star Wars figures and largely base them on 80s movies which he is more familiar with. He tries to cater his images to all ages. One of his most popular images he says is one where the Stormtrooper misses his shots. 

He sees taking photos as a hobby and just wants to see how far it can go. He's been attending events to gain more exposure. He likes seeing peoples' reaction to his work and gets more motivated to continue. Depending on the response he will see if he'll be back again at STGCC next year. 

Sunny has started a a Facebook group called Plastic Singapore. Members get together now and then and bring their toys out to take photos at different locations. The key is to have a uniquely Singapore type of shots. He describes the outings like toy safaris. Plastic Singapore was not intended to involve group outings at first. He just wanted to create images in a Singaporean context. But after a friend invited him out to one which he enjoyed, he decided to organise outings of his own. 

ZEKEZACHZOOM can be found in the Artist Alley at Stand AA24. Do pay him a visit!

STGCC is on from now till Sunday, 11 September 2016. More details can be found on their site:

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