Sunday, January 3, 2016

SEN-TI-NEL Armorize Iron Man (Modern / Pentagon Armour)

Happy New Year! Let's kick things off with something heavy, both literally and figuratively. The Sen-Ti-Nel Armorize Iron Man. I bought this as a Christmas present for myself. Shipping delays meant I got it after Christmas but no matter, it's here!

This is something which I passed on previously. One reason is that he's around the 7" scale which I thought is too tall to fit in with Marvel Legends. But after having seen pics of him online, I felt the need to get him. By that time though the price had already gone up. It was already expensive to begin. I found this piece at a decent price and so I pulled the trigger. The downside is it has loose joints and a broken shoulder pad.

The contents. The figure comes with the various armour pieces needed for him to suit up. Some of the pieces, such as the chest, shoulder pads and ankle covers are die cast. In addition to the fists there are two more pairs of open hands for Repulsor blast poses. 

Here's Tony out of the package. He looks awful. The body has rectangular shape and is far too thin. The legs too are too thin and look a little too long. He's wearing some sort of Exo Suit. There's great sculpted detail on it. The top chest piece kinda looks like a sports bra. The chest arc reactor is a pearlescent white. I like the shiny gold and the flat red they used. The combination is very nice. He's got a great head sculpt. He has a middle-aged look. There are facial lines on his face and some wrinkles on his forehead. There's some brown shading on his face which helps bring out the detail. The raised eyebrow gives him a quizzical expression. The eyes, eyebrows, moustache and goatee were well painted. His slick, combed back black hair has good detail.  

The main feature of this figure is that he can suit up. Looking at Exo Suit Tony I would have preferred he came already armoured. Maybe that could have brought the price down a bit. Anyway a fully coloured instruction manual is included to help us. Putting on the armour is easy but it pays to do it slowly and carefully. His left circular hip piece is loose on my figure and keeps falling off. I'm going to put that down as this being a second hand piece. I forgot to mention the "eye mover" tool. You can position the eyes of Tony Stark. 

Click images to enlarge.

Here's a quick look of the inside of Tony's head. You can see the white pegs to move the eyes. I somehow always fail at doing this properly. Not wanting to frustrate myself with it I simply left his eyes looking straight.  

The armoured up look is the reason I bought this. He looks gorgeous! Finally an Iron Man figure with height and bulk. This is the Modern armour. It's actually called the Pentagon Armour. I'm more used to the term given to it in the Marvel Legends line. It has great sculpted detail on it. There's also panel lining done which I think makes it look better. I do have a couple of minor issues with it. One is that the "belt" is a loose piece and shifts around. Another is I feel the helmet is a little too small. It looks great though.

The articulation is fantastic. He's got a ball hinge neck, a forward and back hinge at the lower neck, ball pivot and ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel hinge wrists (figma type), ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hinge hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, ankle swivel and hinge and toe hinge. He can look up and down very well. There is enough clearance for the shoulder pads to clear the torso. That is he can lift his arms up with no problem. The problem comes when he tries to stretch his arms out to the sides. The shoulder pads gets pushed off as it hits the torso. I would have liked if he had ankle pivot.

UPDATE: I've been informed he does have ankle pivot. I haven't been able to move it on my figure yet. Other reviews do show it. Thanks John Lee for the info.

Just to show you the ab crunch which is hidden. To use it you first pull the torso upwards and then bend. The armour extends on both the front and back which I think is really cool! 

Action shots. 

Comparison shots. I really love the height and bulk of him. 

Awesome figure! I've no regrets buying it. Thanks for viewing! 


Unknown said...

He does have ankle pivot... You just might have some paint stuck on the joint

The feet are die cast, so they're somewhat difficult to move

Jason said...

Thanks for the info John! I'm still unable to move it though despite some heat... I don't want to force it too much in case it breaks...

Unknown said...

Dont use heat. Put him in the freezer. It will loosen the pivot.