Saturday, September 12, 2015

STGCC 2015: XM Studios Reveals New Batman Line and more!

XM Studios has unveiled some of their designs for their new line of Batman Premium Collectibles at STGCC 2015.

The designs are done in collaboration with Hand Made Objects (H.M.O) and Studio HIVE. All of the designs have a Japanese influence to them and they are pending licensor approval. 

Click images to enlarge.

The words are a little small to read. If you like to know what is printed just let me know and I'll type it out after the show. 

Batman's suit is inspired by the Samurai.

Catwoman is inspired by the Shinobi.

Poison Ivy wears a short kimono and carries a traditional Japanese umbrella.

The Joker's look is influenced by the Japanese Yakuza.

Bane's look resembles that of a Sumo wrestler. He's wearing a Hakama.

Harley Quinn adopts a Harajuku fashion look.

There are also banners for the 1/4 scale Magdalena and Darkness.

Lastly, images of The Ultimate Swordsman and Shibumi based on "The New Dragon Tiger Gate" comic from Hong Kong.

There's also an enclosed booth where they had a couple of Star Wars statues on display. There's what I think will be an evolution of Darth Vader set and Boba Fett. No photos were allowed of them. If you like to check them out head down to STGCC! Sunday is the last day of the event.


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