Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Star Wars Rebels - Hera, Sabine, Vizago, IG-RM, Stormtrooper Commander, Stormtrooper

Force Friday is in just a couple of days! Hopefully I can score a wanted figure or two. In the mean time here's a bunch from Rebels which I got earlier this year.

The figures come in 2-packs as pictured below. I'm mixing them up in the review.

Sabine and Hera finally! These two round up the crew of the Ghost. Sabine turned out pretty well. She has a slim frame and was sculpted leaning to a side, which she tends to do on the show. There's some attempt at graffiti on her left shoulder armour. It's just some orange brushed on the pink. There's also the Rebel logo painted on her chest. While I would have liked more paint detail, I think what we got is decent. Full paint detail was very unlikely. I wished she had a removable helmet, or an extra unmasked head.

Hera is okay. There's just something off about her head sculpt. I think it's a little too flat. I like to see her with more spunk. She looks rather disinterested here. Her eyes were well painted and she spots some light pink lipstick. I like the sculpted goggles. It's got too much silver paint though which covers almost the whole of it. The pattern on her Lekku was well painted. Her orange jumpsuit has good detail and looks accurate. It's just missing some paint for the straps on her legs.

A close-up of the two. You can see the Rebels logo a little more clearly on Sabine.

Sabine comes with two blasters. They have good sculpted detail but again lacks some paint. I like the way she holds them. They are pointed a little downwards, like after a shot was fired. The guns may be stored in the holsters. 

Hera's blaster. It's a small handy weapon which she can hold well.

Vizago is someone you don't want to mess with. He has a strong, tough appearance who's definitely seen his share of fights, evidenced by that broken horn of his. He has a stern look on his face, made fiercer by those fiery red eyes. The beard was sculpted on. He wears some light armour. The belt has nice detail and was well painted with gold. The symbol on his left shoulder too was well painted. The legs look a little thin and makes him look out of proportion.  

I'm not familiar with the IG-RM so I read up on it. I chuckled a little when I found out it's a "thug" droid. No wonder Vizago keeps them around. They really suit him. The IG-RM has a wide body with thin limbs. He's also pretty tall. The paint apps for it are great. I would have liked if it came with a blaster rifle like in the show.

The man with the golden gun. That's what I thought looking at Vizago's blaster. He calls it "Vilmarh's Revenge". It looks to be a powerful weapon. It has good detail on it but once again lacks paint detail. The blaster may be kept in his holster.

The Stormtrooper Commander (SCmd) and Stormtrooper. The figures are the same as what we have seen before. The SCmd has the orange shoulder epaulette. Though he's labelled as a SCmd, I consider him more of a Sandtrooper. His armour is also off white in colour. They each come with a blaster rifle.

Articulation. These figures have only 5 points of articulation. At the neck, shoulders and hips. Vizago cannot turn his head much due to the collar. The SCmd cannot raise his right arm up all the way due to the epaulette. 

Great to finally have the whole crew together! Can't wait to see what's in store for them in season 2! Thanks for viewing!

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