Friday, September 4, 2015

Star Wars: Force Friday 2015 (Singapore)

Did you feel an awakening? I certainly did at the Star Wars: Force Friday event held at United Square early this morning.

I think around 300 people were in queue. Some arrived as early as 6 hours before the midnight launch to get first dibs at Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys and merchandise. While we waited, Q&As were conducted where you could win prizes.

The following image is of the queue when I left. The Force is Strong at United Square.

It was of no surprise that people rushed in once the doors were opened. I was in the fourth queue line and was afraid I might have to leave empty handed. Collectors will understand the anxiety of watching others grab the hot favourites. Thankfully that was not the case. I have to praise the Toys"R"Us and event staff for spreading out the same lines at different areas. Stocks were also replenished from time to time. The collector spirit was strong too. Someone graciously handed me a 3.75" Captain Phasma. I'm thankful to the fellow collector for that.

Here are some of the items that were available. The Black Series 6" line was very popular, along with the Force FX Kylo Ren's lightsaber and the Sphero BB-8. 

Speaking of the Sphero BB-8 I almost stepped on the cute little guy. Unfortunately I don't have the budget get one. It retails for SGD239.

While the first batch of people was shopping, a Lego display featuring the buildable figures was set up at the holding area. I was hoping there would be more displays, especially those of the figures.

The 501st Legion Singapore and the Cathar Outpost - Rebel Legion Singapore were present at the event. It's always great to see them. There were quite a number of characters walking around.

Here's my haul. I did not get everything I wanted but I'm happy with these. If anyone has a 3.75" and 6" First Order Stormtrooper to spare do let me know.

I also got this goodie bag which you could redeem with the queue ticket and if you spent SGD100 or above in a single receipt. The contents include two posters, a t-shirt, a micromachines blind bag, a lanyard, a calendar, a Lego activity booklet and a sticker sheet. I especially love the calendar. I can't wait to start using it next year! 

This was my first launch event in awhile. I had to get up early and am feeling a little groggy. It was worth it though.

Right, that's all for now. May the Force be with You. Thanks for viewing!

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Dr. Theda said...

Thank you good Sir... we were unaware of the release date for these toys...
Looks like everyone is having a good time at this special First sale...
A great weekend to you and yours...