Friday, August 14, 2015

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Iron Man Hulkbuster BAF

We've finally come to the big guy, the Hulkbuster BAF.

Here's the parts list:

Head - War Machine
Upper Torso - Blizzard
Right Arm - Valkyrie
Left Arm - Thundra
Lower Torso - Vision
Right Leg - Marvel NOW Iron Man
Left Leg - Dr Strange

When assembling you'll want to slide the two halves of the upper torso in place before pushing them together. Hey is that H.E.R.B.I.E I see in there?  

This Hulkbuster is one heck of a figure! It's big, has good bulk, has great detail and has great articulation! Hasbro did a really good job with this! The head sculpt is superb and well painted with metallic gold. There's also silver and black lining on the helmet. The head sits a little high on the neck joint. It looks okay for the most part. Things can get a little awkward when you move his head. The body looks great and is accurate enough for me in terms of sculpt. The colours could be better. I would have preferred if a metallic red were used but I don't mind it as he is. The "gold" on the body isn't the same as the helmet. It has a brownish tinge to it. The plates on his forearms were not painted. They were cast in a dull light brown and they look out of place. 

Articulation. He's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, swivel hinge elbows, swivel hinge wrists, torso pivot, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. His fist can be turned a little. They are restricted by the forearm plates. Using the knee joints to their full extent will expose the joint and make him look a little awkward.

Comparison shots. Can't say it enough. I love the size of this thing! He and the Marvel Legends Hulk (Age of Ultron) go well together.

Great figure! I haven't been this excited for a BAF from Hasbro since Fin Fang Foom. Thanks for viewing!

*See the post on the Marvel Select Hulkbutser - Jason


RiP666 said...

cool to see them completed together as one hulkbuster figure,,
nice review

Kim Dubuisson said...

Very cool! We need a Hulkbuster at home.