Monday, August 17, 2015

EOY Cosplay Festival 2015

The Event of the Year (EOY) Cosplay Festival 2015 was held over the weekend at the Marina Barrage. I had fun but now I'm feeling the effects. Ow my back... Guess that's what happens when you haven't been active in awhile...

There were several invited guests this year. One of them was Nico Nico dancer Apricot from Japan who drew a large crowd when she performed. I enjoyed her cute and energetic performances. What I liked about her was that she always wore a smile on her face and genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself while performing. And she has such a bubbly personality. 

She performed three dances each day. Below (from left to right) were the outfits she wore on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Despite the long queue at her Meet & Greet and Autograph sessions, she took time to meet her fans and also take selfies.

Another of the invited guest is Weon Haur, a cosplayer from Malaysia. His partner Fujiwara Kazuko couldn't make it to the event which is a shame. I'm sure their performances would have been great to watch. He did fine on his own, giving us a short skit for each character. He cossed as Kakashi on Saturday and The Monkey King on Sunday. As an announcer mentioned, it's not often you see a Sun Wukong cosplay. His costume was impressive and had great detail. Big props to him for coming out in the hot weather like that.

Candi and Sou round up the guests list. They are cosplayers from Taiwan. They sang a song for us on both days. Aside from the stage you could also find them mingling with the crowd.

Performances were held almost non-stop at the stage. I caught a number of the them, especially the dance performances. I like capturing action shots. They don't always turn out nice hence I needed the practice.

I think the bunch I took this time turned out okay. You can see more in the gallery.

With the stage area occupying most of the side facing the Marina Bay area, most of the exhibitor booths were moved to the carpark side of the barrage. There were less tables compared to previous years but there was still plenty to see. 

Itasha have always been a feature of EOY and there were several of them once again in the courtyard.

There was a booth showcasing the "My Princess is the Cutest" mobile game. I found the title intriguing and I went to have a look. You are a frog prince and you must rescue the many princesses The gameplay is kinda like Puzzle Bobble. Instead of bursting bubbles you take out monsters and enemies by aiming and attacking them. You can gain abilities by rescuing the princesses. You can also get cards of them as well. They look so cute!

The Adventures of Fujiwara Yukino and Friends were back. I love their dolls showcase. The theme for this year was Armour Girls. 

It's time for the main highlight now, which is Cosplay!

You can view more pics through the following links:

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Thanks for viewing!

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