Friday, March 28, 2014

The Amazing Spider-man 2 Red Carpet Event

L-R: Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Marc Webb (Director), Avi Arad (Producer), Matt Tolmach (Producer)

The cast of the Amazing Spider-man 2 are in Singapore! Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx along with director Marc Webb and producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are in town for Earth Hour and an international press conference for the movie. This was a rare opportunity to see the them in person and I wasn't going to miss it. 

The press conference was held at the Mastercard Theatres yesterday (27 March 2014) at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Before that was the red carpet event at the skating rink. The turn out for it was fantastic.

Class 98.7's Vernon A and Justin Ang were the MCs for the event. They first introduced Mark Juliano, Senior Vice President of Marketing for MBS who welcomed us.

Mark Juliano

Spider-man then made an appearance. Leaping to the stage and posing for the cameras.

And then it was time for the main event. Marc Webb, Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach were the first to walk the red carpet. On stage they talked of their impressions of Singapore and what we can expect in The Amazing Spider-man 2. 

Marc Webb (left)

Avi Arad (left)

The cast were up next. They were chauffeured to the red carpet on Spider-man themed golf carts. Long lines of fans greeted them as they drove past. Jamie Foxx arrived first, followed by Emma Stone and lastly Andrew Garfield who drove himself. All three arrived to huge cheers from the crowd. Andrew Garfield had the biggest cheer of the night. They were very friendly and obliging, signing autographs and taking selfies with the crowd. I wished I had gone earlier to get a spot by the red carpet. Three hours before the start was clearly not enough.

Emma Stone was simply stunning. She's such a beautiful person. She always wore a smile on her face. 

Andrew Garfield was awesome. He had a lot of time for the fans, so much so he was constantly prompted to move on by his minders. 

The cast and crew gathered on stage. Jamie Foxx did some beatboxing for us. It was my first time hearing him. He was terrific. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone liked the place and were impressed by the life and soul in the mall. Andrew Garfield spoke of his trip to Maxwell "court house" where he tried chicken rice. He described it as tasty. The cast led the crowd in a Spider-man chant to end. 

The press conference followed at the Mastercard Theatres. I had the opportunity to go in and I am grateful for that. I never would have thought I would ever be at a press conference for a movie. And a Spider-man movie at that. I had a pretty good seat at first but I was asked to move to the center where I ended up being blocked by the media cameras. Still I enjoyed it thoroughly. The cast and crew were a delight to watch. They were funny and entertaining. And they were serious when they had to be. Mr Andy Ridley, CEO and co-founder of Earth Hour joined the press conference towards the end. He spoke of how Spider-man, who is the super hero ambassador for Earth Hour is a good fit for the role. People as individuals acting together can achieve big change and that is great power.

Earth Hour is tomorrow, 29 March 2014 at 8.30pm at the Float at Marina Bay. The cast and crew of the Amazing Spider-man 2 will be there and they will be helping to switch off the lights at the Marina Bay area.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 opens in cinemas on 1 May 2014. Don't miss it!

And not forgetting the various Amazing Spider-man 2 toys and figures from Hasbro. Available at TOYS'R'Us and major department stores.

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