Monday, May 7, 2012

KFC Avengers Hulk

It's the day to dine at KFC again. The collectable on offer this week is the Hulk!

The Hulk is a better figure than Thor. His headsculpt is fairly accurate and he's got a pretty good body. I don't like the half squat pose though. There's nice bits of detail on his pants. I particularly like the stretched threads across the torn areas. I've no complaints on the paint this time round.

His headsculpt reminds me a little of the Marvel Universe sculpt.

His gimmick is to raise his arms up and down when you push the lever on his back. His arms move together. They do not stay in the air as pictured below. I stuck a piece of paper in his back to take the shot. The only other articulation point is his waist.

The Hulk is undersized compared to Captain America and Thor.

I didn't get the Hasbro Avengers 3.75" Hulk. So here he is with the 5" figure from the Incredible Hulk movie.

Head on down to KFC this week if you want this figure. Thanks for viewing!


solipsist3 said...

The anatomy is a lot better than the Hasbro version. And at $3.80 (not counting the upsize), it's a steal. I thought the expression was a bit weird, more bewildered than angry (think it's the painted eyebrows.) But overall, I like it! Think it might be the best one.

George S. said...

This is actually my favorite out of the lot. He's huge and his action feature is unobtrusive. But yeah, whoever painted the eyebrows missed the mark more often than not.