Friday, May 11, 2012

Batman Power Attack Strike Shield Robin

Here's a look at Strike Shield Robin.

Robin is part of the Lava Mission series. A normal costumed Batman and Two-Face are the other notables in this series.  

His cape is tagged to the plastic tray. Do take note when removing the figure.

Let's start with some good points of the figure. His face is decent, the logo is well painted and sharp, he's got great paint overall, the belt has some nice detail and he's got a nice cloth cape. Now for what I don't like about it. First, the way his hair is sculpted. I think it sticks out too much over his forehead and it looks like a cap from certain angles. And the streak of red isn't doing it for me. Due to the style of these figures, the thighs and knees are thinner than the calves. Its just awkward. His shoes are oversized. You would have thought that with such large feet the figure would be more stable but unfortunately its not. He tends to lean and fall forwards due to the way his legs are sculpted. You need to make him lean back for him to stand. I would have preferred if he was painted the way he's presented on the back of the package. You'll notice his tights are red instead of black and he's missing painted details on his shoulder pads, gauntlets, belt and shoes.          

His hair sticks out too much and it looks like a cap from certain angles. 

And as they're very noticeable, here's a pic of his shoes. There's nice detail on them and they look real comfy.

He comes with a great looking shield accessory.  

Articulation. The neck rotates, arms can be moved up and down, elbows bend, the waist rotates and the legs go up and down. I think the best pose for this figure is of him walking.

Some comparison shots. He's the same height as Killer Croc.

He's too big for The Batman line.

I think he fits in best with the Young Justice figures.

The Young Justice Robin is the best of the three pictured below.

This is a disappointing figure. I picked it up so you don't have to... Thanks for viewing!


Bubbashelby said...

I disagree - I think he looks pretty swell! And with all the red I would imagine this is Jason Todd. He just seems very 'Jason Todd' ish to me.

Now I want him and Killer Croc from this line - a line I assumed I would just ignore outright. DAMMIT!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i'm with Bubba- he's not so bad. i actually like the styling, but you are talking to a guy who LOVED the Brave & the Bold toys, so... I want a Batman & Robin

ms said...
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