Friday, May 4, 2012

Batman Power Attack Swamp Raider Killer Croc

A new Batman line has hit local retail. There were many colourful Batman on the pegs. Though there was one in standard blue and grey colours, the big hands and feet put me off. And I'm not a fan of the logo design. Just when I thought it was another fruitless trip to the stores, this caught my eye. It was just sitting on the shelf, and in the Barbie section of all places. Needless to say, I bought it.   

The card is brightly coloured. Batman is featured prominently on the front. Due to the way Killer Croc is packaged, he just happens to be looking over his shoulder. Nice. On the back there are cartoon images of the characters. The mutated creatures look cute and harmless.

There are several mission series in this line. In addition to the Swamp series, I saw a Lava series and an Arctic series. Mostly Batmans in them but there are a couple of other nice looking characters, like Robin, Mr Freeze and and Two Face. Didn't see any of those around. The pic below shows the other figures in the Swamp Mission series. What's interesting is the Mutant Assault Batman, he looks like Man Bat. You can click the image to enlarge. 

This is a great looking figure. He's done in an animated style. The design is possibly inspired by Arkham City. He's got those orange pants and his belt looks like one of those heavy duty kinds for super villains. He's pretty mean looking. More so because of his metal lower jaw and armour. His lower jaw and arms are made of a softer kind of plastic. There's nice detail on him. There's a good amount of scales and bumps on his body. I would have liked if there was more detail on his back, maybe some sculpted bumps. As it is, its smooth and kind of spoils the back view for me. He stands okay on his own but he'll fall if his arms are outstretched. He's got good paint, I've no complaints.      

A pic of him without using flash. His arms are a little darker green than his upper torso but the difference is minor. 

Articulation. The neck rotates, arms go up and down, elbows bend, waist rotates and legs go up and down. There appears to be articulation at his jaw but it doesn't move. His lower jaw is soft so you can manipulate it if you want him to say, bite something. 

Comparison with some 6" scale Young Justice figures. The bulk is there but I think he's a little too short.

I like Killer Croc to be big and imposing so I'll probably use him with The Batman...  

... he definitely looks better than the one that came in that line.

This is a great figure. Look out for him on the pegs. Thanks for viewing! 


Bubbashelby said...

I like him - the Arkham Asylum/City vibe adds to his appeal.

Hobgoblin238 said...

I cannot do it. I like my comic book figures to be MORE comic accurate than this. This looks like a kids toy. Glad you are happy with it though.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...


Kim Dubuisson said...

My son and I want this one badly! Hopefully we will soon find it.