Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Captain America

The various Captain America figures that I have.

From the Secret Wars line produced by Mattel. Decent figure. Has the "He-man" kind of pose. To me, it looks like it was based on some old live action version of him, due to his mask which looks a bit oversized and has no openings for his ears. And also the costume which is clean and smooth, looks like spandex. Hes got five points of articulation. At the neck, shoulders and hips. He comes with a red, round shield which can be opened. You can put a lenticular disc in it. The discs are double sided and on it you can see images of Cap, Steve Rogers or an action scene. All figures in the line had a shield. The heroes had the same one as Cap while the villains had a silver square shield.

From the Marvel Super Heroes line produced by Toybiz. A poor figure. Has a bulky body with a narrow stance. I prefer the Mattel Secret Wars figure's look compared to this. The head sculpt is better though, and has slightly more detail like the scales in his costume. Hes got seven points of articulation. At the neck, shoulders, hips and knees. This figure is pretty fun to play with for the action feature. You can have him fire his shield using the launcher. The shield may also be directly attached to his hand. The clips are very tight and will rub paint off his gloves.

The next few Captain America figures up till the Marvel Legends Face-Off Cap were produced by Toybiz. The Cap pictured below is from the Spider-man Electro Spark line. The sculpting has improved. More detailed and more proportianate. Not sure about the angry expression on his face though. He is also overly muscular and stands near six inches tall, making him larger than most of the other Marvel figures released at that time. To give you a better idea, he's half a head shorter than the Marvel Legends Cap. He came with a hover jet and a shield with spark action. I have misplaced those accessories. The shield he had was very large and thick. You could pull a string to create sparks within his shield. The shield you see in the picture below was borrowed from another figure. This was the best Captain America figure at the time and I still use him for display with my five inch scale Marvel Universe. 

There were two other Captain America figures that shared the same mould but with some differences. They are from the American Heroes two pack with Bucky and from the Avengers United They Stand line. 

From the Marvel vs Capcom line. He came in a two-pack with Morrigan. I wasn't going to buy this. I was looking out for a shield for my Electro Spark Cap and this was the easiest to get out of my options back then. The figure is similar in height to the Electro Spark Cap. He has a more youthful and animated appearance as you would expect. The body is slanted slightly. And the legs seem a bit too long. He has good articulation. Neck rotation, ball and hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, waist rotation, peg joint legs, hinge knees and hinge ankles. 

On to the Marvel Legends versions which are six inch scale. From series one. This is one of my favourite figures. He's got the classic look. Its like he came straight out of the comics. Love the face sculpt. Great articulation. The skin colour on my figure seems to have faded. But he still looks great. He came with his shield of course, a diorama set consisting of a wall and a tank turret base and the American flag. 

From Marvel Legends series eight. This figure is the Ultimate version. His face bothers me. His lips especially. They look like an old man's. Also the lack of paint on them (on my figure) doesn't help. I also don't like the mismatch blue colours of his torso and legs. Still, this is a great figure. Has great articulation and has more detail than the ML1 Cap. The scales are sculpted on his costume. There are seams on his leathery like mask and also wrinkles. The paint overall is solid too, on the gloves and boots especially. He came with his shield, a base with a stand.

From the Marvel Legends Face-Off two-pack. This is the best Captain America figure. It's similar to the ML8 Cap. He's wearing his standard costume and so has the necessary changes in parts and paint. Would have preferred if he had a plain belt instead of this one with pouches. Great detail and articulation.  One complaint is that he has very weak knees. This figure will be in my collection for a very long time.

From the Marvel Universe line produced by Hasbro. These figures are 3.75" scale. From left to right are Secret Wars and Ultimate Captain America. Both are nice figures. Good sculpt and articulation. The shields have straps and a clip so they can carry it on their wrists or back. I still use Secret Wars Cap in my display.

From the Captain America The First Avenger line produced by Hasbro. These are also 3.75" scale. From left to right are Battlefield, Midnight Air Raid, Fortress Assault and International Patriots Captain America figures.

You can see more of Midnight Air Raid Cap and International Patriots Cap by clicking the links.

Battlefield Captain America is based on the Ultimate Captain America in his World War 2 costume. Nice looking figure. Lots of articulation, or there should be. The figure has many joints but its tough to move some of them as they are pretty stiff. The elbow and knee joints are very thin which make him unsightly, especially from the side view. He comes with a badge-shaped shield, a rifle and a pistol.

I bought Fortress Assault Captain America more for the accessories than for the figure. The figure is cool looking wearing all the gear. When the gear is removed, he's looks like the Ultimates Captain America from the same line. This figure has some colour difference and the articulation is not the same. He's got a ball joint neck, ball and hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, wrist swivel, ball and hinge hips, thigh swivel and hinge knee joints. He comes with body and leg armour, a helmet, a black and red shield and a battering ram launcher with "battering ram" missiles. 

And finally, the movie version of Captain America or as he's known on the pegs, Super Combat Captain America. The figure has a decent likeness. Its spoilt by poor paint application around the face. There's noticeable splotch of blue on his nose. That's what happens when you order online, its your luck on how good a figure you get. Solid costume. Great detail. It looks thick, from certain angles, he can be mistaken to be overweight. Good paint on the costume.   
Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck, ball and hinge shoulders, swivel and hinge elbows, wrist swivel, torso pivot, ball and hinge hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and swivel and hinge ankles.

 He comes with a helmet, a pistol and of course his shield. The A on the helmet is not centered, it can be a bit annoying. Like that he has a holster for his pistol. It fits nicely in it too. The shield is red, silver and blue in colour. Its made of softer material than the International Patriot Cap's shield. There's only two short straps for him to carry with his hand. He cannot carry it on his back. The inside of the shield is shiny silver. It'll be useful should he encounter Medusa. The one that turns people into stone that is, not the Inhuman.   

Can't wait to catch the movie ! Have read good things about it. It opens locally this Thursday. 


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