Monday, July 4, 2011

Captain America Midnight Air Raid Deluxe Mission Pack

It's the 4th of July. I wish those of you from the US a Happy Independence Day! In light of the day, I picked a Captain America to post about. 

"Henchmen beware: Captain America is on patrol!"
That line is on the back of the card. Poor henchmen... think the only place I have seen anyone truly spare a thought for them is in the first Austin Powers movie.

This Captain America figure is from the Midnight Air Raid deluxe mission pack. I bought this figure as it reminded me a lot of the Marvel Legends series 1 Captain America. Like the look and the colours. The shade of blue especially. Paint application in this line is pretty bad, had a tough time choosing this figure and I'm still not happy with it.

Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck, ball and hinge shoulders, single hinged elbows and knees, wrists swivel, ball and hinge hips and thigh swivel. 

There's a hole in his back to attach the glider to. And also to attach his shield if you got a compatible one.

Accessories include the jet glider, two shield discs and two guns. The shield discs have no attachments for him to hold, so he'll need to borrow a shield from another figure. 

They are ideal for some frisbee fun.

He can carry the guns, though a bit awkwardly.

I quite like the jet glider. Like the design. It fits nicely on him and it's not too heavy, he can still stand straight without falling backwards. The missiles cannot be detached.

The guns attach to the wings, and the shield disc in the back. The shield shoots pretty far.  

A shot with ML1 Captain America.

He's slightly shorter than the Marvel Universe versions. He's a bit bulkier, especially in the midriff and thighs which I prefer. 

Think I will use him as my default Cap for display.

I like this figure. He lacks articulation but he displays well. The glider is fun to play with too. If you're looking for a similar figure with more articulation and a proper shield, there's the Heavy Artillery Captain America. But that figure spots a dark blue costume instead.  

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