Friday, July 8, 2011

Captain America 3.75" Marvel's Hydra Soldier

Time for some henchmen love. Marvel's Hydra Armored Soldier.

This is a nice figure. Like the look, design and colours. Little difficulty in identifying who he works for as there's a Hydra logo on his left arm and also on tthe sides of his helmet. Some small gripes. There are lines running on the midriff and lower back that disappear into the upper torso. It probably is some armour he's wearing underneath. It looks okay from the front but out of place on his back. The skirt is glued on. Mine wasn't stuck on properly, hope you have better luck with yours.  

For articulation, he's got a ball joint neck, ball and hinge soldiers, swivel and hinge elbows, wrist swivel, torso pivot, ball and hinge hip, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and swivel and hinge ankles. That's better than some of the Captain America figures in this line. The skirt is pretty stiff and restricts leg movement. Good thing for cuts in the sides and the front right of the skirt to allow for some better posing.

The harness he's wearing is removeable. Attached on the right side is some power connector for his weapons. It doesn't actually connect to a weapon but I assume thats its purpose. It gets bent easily. Other accessories include two blasters and a projectile. The non-firing gun is made of rather soft plastic.

Fully equipped. The harness will tend to be pulled towards his right.

The power connector is pretty cool looking. The arm loops are a bit small so you'll need to watch that you don't scrap paint off his arm. It doesn't really restrict arm movement but it will get bent out of shape and possibly break at the loops if you move it too much.

Missile away.

He's around the same height as the Midnight Air Raid Captain America and slightly shorter than the Marvel Universe Secret Wars Captain America.

Soldiers of fear. You can view the post on the deluxe pack Hydra Soldier here.

This is a great figure. I don't usually troop build but I'm very tempted to do so with this. 


SirDragonBane said...

Awesome figure! Haven't sen this in the wild as yet, though I'm now regretting not picking up the deluxe Hyra soldier. Thx for the review! :)

Jason said...

Thanks! This Hydra Soldier has shown up in a couple of retail stores already. Hope you get yours soon!