Friday, December 31, 2010

Green Lantern Classics Black Lantern : Abin Sur Review

On the back of some Lantern events in the comics and with a Green Lantern movie coming out in 2011, it is no surprise that Mattel is rolling out Green Lantern product. 

I'll be reviewing Black Lantern: Abin Sur from the Green Lantern Classics line. This line was released in December 2010 in the US. Local collectors, check with speciality shops, and hopefully retail brings them in as well.

The packaging is similar to that of DC Universe Classics (DCUC). The card is dominantly green in colour and printed on the front of the card are some familar Green Lanterns like Hal Jordan, Kilowog, John Stewart to name a few. The front label with the name and series information also displays a logo for the different Lantern factions.  In this case, the Black Lantern logo is shown.

On the back of the card are the biography and statistics of the character. As you can see, the other figures in this wave are Kyle Rayner, Black Hand, Mongul, Low/Maash and Manhunter. And the Collect and Connect figure is Arkillo.

Thanks for the warped limbs Mattel !
Abin Sur is based on his appearance in the Blackest Night storyline. He was raised from the grave, but you would not know that from his clean, shiny costume. The figure has generally good paint application, as you can see from the sharpness of his costume design and logo. The main problem area with regards to paint are near the shoulder joints. Paint is flaky and chips off easily. Understandable since it is near a joint but I think it could be better.

Creepy, sinister, a sense of evil all round. These are the impressions I get when I look at Abin Sur. His head is well sculpted. His skin appears shrivelled and wrinkly. Pupilless eyes sit deep in their sockets. Gritted teeth bared for all to see. I particullarly like the nose, which is something of a flatten stub. 

He spots the same articulation as most other DCUC figures with 2 additions. The elbows are double jointed and the wrists have hinges. It may seem that his arms are a bit long but he is gangly overall, so it is not much of a issue here. The added articulation allows for more poses and fun.   

He comes packaged with the head and lower torso of the collect and connect Arkillo. And also a pair of 3D glasses in the shape of a Green Lantern's mask. It is supposed to be used for an online game.


Look out for more Green Lantern goodies next year with wave 2 of Green Lantern Classics and DCUC 17. There will also be more based on the Green Lantern movie.

Thank you for reading. Till next time.

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