Sunday, December 26, 2010

Transformers Animated Rodimus Minor - Quick Review

I recently received my Transformers Animated Rodimus Minor. He was one of the last few pieces I needed to complete my collection. Rodimus was released some months back in the US. He was a US Toys R Us exclusive, which meant it was more troublesome for an overseas collector to acquire. I could have bought the TakaraTomy version which is similar, but all of my collection are Hasbro editions and I wanted to keep it that way. 

Vehicle mode:
  • flat, like a race car should be
  • tight and compact, thanks to clips which hold various parts in position
  • rolls well
  • clear windscreen and windows which is cool, and the front screen can be opened, you can inspect his "engine" (his head actually)
  • unsightly gaping hole at the back, looks like he's dumping parts
  • his weapon, an energy bow, may be fitted on top, double spoilers look. Wish that they were yellow in colour instead of gold

Robot mode:
  • decent likeness to his appearance in the cartoon
  • big, heavy chest along with a thin waist makes him disproportionate
  • digonal shoulder joint can be seen, unsightly in certain poses
  • good articulation, like many other TFA toys
  • holds bow well, but restricts elbow articulation

This is the end of the road Decepticons !
Take cover !!

Give me a moment to catch my breath.

New age of peace and happines.

Thanks for reading !

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