Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Justice League Unlimited Darkseid & Kalibak 2-pack Quick Review

Mattycollector's latest JLU offering gives us a fan demanded favourite in Kalibak. 

The main package is somewhat new, with this set being the second to be packed this way after the Parademon 2-pack. I like this packaging, its compact and we can replace the figures should we need to. And the figures display well in the box. 

Kalibak is well sculpted. However from certain angles, I sense a Mickey Mouse trying to break out. He is a large, sturdy figure and stands well, but only with his arms by his side. Positioning his arms outwards will cause him to fall after a while. A minor gripe as not many will display him that way. Paint wise, is good for a JLU figure. Maybe I got lucky with this piece.

Darkseid here is based on his appearance in the "Destroyer" episode. It is basically the same figure as the previous release with shoulder pads and design painted on. The paint could have been applied better, the same goes for dozens of other JLU figures. The white and red colours used are rich and along with lighter blue tights, make him a brighter figure to look at. I quite like the darker lines on his head and the brighter red eyes.

You would expect Darkseid to be a sturdy figure but unfortunately, he's not. He seems to be made of inferior stuff compared to the previous release. His legs are wobbly and it takes some positioning to make him stand. This figure had little chance of making it into my display and now with him in hand he definitely is not.

This set is a must for JLU collectors, only for Kalibak though.

Thank you for reading, till next time.

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