Friday, May 5, 2017

Star Wars Day 2017 (Singapore): May the 4th be with You

Star Wars Day has come again! This year's event is now on till 6 May 2017 at the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay. It runs from 3pm - 11pm daily. I went to check it out yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Especially the Garden Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition and the SaberTrees Installation.   

Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry officially launched the event yesterday evening.

Mr S Iswaran (with lightsaber)

The Garden Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition is a spectacular light show set against familiar themes from Star Wars. The lighting composition is inspired from scenes such as the duel between Anakin and Obi-wan on Mustafar, Luke's landing on Dagobah, the destruction of the Death Star and so on. It was an amazing experience to be among the crowd and watching the show. Everyone seemed to be entranced by it. The show gave me all sorts of feels. Words cannot describe it and you really had to be there. 

The timings for The Garden Rhasody: Star Wars Edtion are as follows:

May 4th - 6th
  • 7.45pm to 8pm
  • 8.45pm to 9pm
  • 9.45pm to 10pm 
May 7th - June 2nd
  • 7.45pm - 8pm
  • 8.45pm - 9pm

The Supertrees had been transformed into SaberTrees and at the end of the Garden Rhapsody they ignited, shooting beams high into the night sky. Awesome to see!

The SaberTrees light-up is from 8pm - 12mn only on May 4th - 6th. 

Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia and Esprimo

Here are some of the other highlights and activities that are going on. You can't miss the towering All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) standing guard at the Supertree Grove. This thing is huge! Now I know how the Ewoks must have felt having to come up against it. I was told that it is a 1:1 replica. Most impressive! 

The fan zone is the place to be to check out toys and custom made items, grab merchandise and meet members of the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison, Cathar Base - Rebel Legion Singapore and FightSaber. Photo ops galore as several backdrops have been set up in the area. You can take your pick from the a detention centre, an Imperial facility and the corridors of the Millennium Falcon to name a few. 

Making their first appearance in Southeast Asia are Chewbacca and Kylo Ren. Big crowds turned up to get a photo with them. If you like a photo you need to collect a ticket which are given out half an hour before their appearance times. The ticket only allows a photo with the character you queued for and not both.

Chewbacca and Kylo Ren appearance times are as follows:

May 5 (at Supertree Grove)
Every hour on the hour from 6pm. Their last appearance for the day is at 10pm.

May 6 (at Supertree Grove)
3pm - 3.30pm
4pm - 430pm

May 6 (at the Meadow; access only for run partcipants with run bibs)
9.30pm - 10pm (Chewbacca only)
10.30pm - 11pm (Chewbacca only)
10pm - 1030pm (Kylo Ren only)
11pm - 11.30pm (Kylo Ren only)

*Timings are subject to changes and sessions may be cancelled in the event of inclement weather.

Fancy being an action figure like Red Dot Diva below? You can do so at the Canon Charity Photobooth where you can have your photo taken in a vintage style box packaging for SG$8. All proceeds will go to the KK Hospital Health Endowment Fund. There are some Easter eggs on the package. See if you can spot them.

Some toys now. As you probably know, the Star Wars family have lost two members not long ago in Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Kenny Baker (R2-D2). Tribute vintage figures displays have been set up for them. It's quite moving to see. Props to the collectors who contributed their collection for the displays.

Here's a peek at some of the modern toys.

Custom X-Wings and Rebel Base diorama by Psyfoolrulez Customz. Check out some of his work in the link.

Custom vintage style cardbacks by Boyan Customs.   

A wide variety of Star Wars merchandise may be purchased at the event.

Those into LEGO you'll be interested to know that new sets are available at the Simply Toys booth!

Here's something fans will want to get their hands on. Limited edition patches specially made for Star Wars Day! They come in a set of three and each patch features a villain from each trilogy against an iconic Singapore landmark. The set is available at the bazaar and goes for SG$66. All proceeds will go to the KK Hospital Health Endowment Fund. Only a limited quantity will be available each day of the event so if you want one, better be early!

Click images to enlarge.

You know what else is available at the bazaar? Cookies! These are some of the best tasting cookies I've had in awhile! I recommend the chocolate flavoured Darth Vader. 

For some fun postcards and prints, check out zekezachzoom who is also located at the bazaar. If you're interested in learning how some of these wacky photos are created, toy photographer Sunny Ang will be running a workshop daily at 4pm. 

Think you're a better shot than a Stormtrooper? Silly question. Of course you are. Almost everyone is a better shot. You can test yourself at the shooting gallery for a fee. Score enough points and you can win yourself some cool prizes.

Be on the look out for Jashorn to get a quick sketch. He's the same artist who worked tirelessly at the Jurong Library at the May the 4th event in 2014. He does not have a booth this year and instead will be roaming the Festival grounds. Each sketch costs $5 and all proceeds will go to the KK Hospital Health Endowment Fund.

Some of the other highlights happening today and tomorrow are the Silent Disco (May 5 - 6, 9pm - 11pm) and a screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (May 6, 9pm - 11.15pm at The Meadow).

This year's event is organised by Esprimo and The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia with event partner Gardens by the Bay and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board. They have picked a wonderful venue which is very spacious. Be sure to look around as you don't want to miss a thing. I haven't mentioned everything. There's still the Royal Selangor and the Singapore, Toy Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) booths to name a few. It can be very hot during the day so be sure to bring along and drink plenty of water. There are some eateries in the vicinity where you can purchase drinks from however the queues can get very long.

I leave you now with some night shots. Visiting the event at night is a totally different experience. Cooler too. Thanks for viewing!

You can see more pics in the gallery. Click this link.


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