Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Marvel Legends Series Moon Knight (Vulture BAF)

Yet more Marvel Legends! Here's a look Moon Knight.

This is Moon Knight in the Marvel NOW costume. Like I said before in the review of the 3.75" version, I'm not a fan of it. I think the look does not suit him and he seems less threatening. To me anyway. He has a familiar head sculpt. It looks like Eel. I wonder if they enlarged it for use here. Or it could just be a new head sculpt. The hood is glued on. The body is similar to Spider-UK in terms of size. There are no wrinkles or creases to be found on this body. The plastic of the torso is shiny and has a cheap look. The upper part of the torso has a space on the front and back for the white padding to be pegged in. The symbol was painted on. I would have preferred if it were sculpted. But I guess this allows them to reuse this mould more easily.  There's nice sculpted detail on his hands. There's a crescent on the back of his hands and also at the base of his thumbs. The shoulder pads, forearm bracers, deco at the waist and padding on the calves too have nice detail but a big difference is that they were stuck on. Moon Knight has been drawn with some mega-large capes. The figure has a pretty big one. Aside from the thick "collar", I like the look of it. There's lots of creases and nice flowy detail. 

Without his cape Moon Knight has the look on some uniformed enforcer. It's not bad a look actually. Maybe swap in a helmeted head. There's a hole in the back where the cape pegs in.

Accessories. He comes with an extra pair of fists, a baton which is similar to the one that came with Daredevil, a crescent weapon and three smaller crescents. Be very careful with the small crescents. as they can get lost easily. I actually wasted some time looking for one I dropped on the floor... The BAF part is the left wing of Vulture.

Moon Knight's fist are unique. They have tiny slots in between his fingers.

This allows him to hold the three throwing crescents. Very nice!

To add to his weaponry, the staff which came with the Toy Biz version may be used here. It's just a little loose in his grip but still usable.  

Articulation. He's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel and "sword hinge" (up and down) wrists for the default gripping hands, ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, ankle swivel hinge and pivot. The fists have the usual left to right hinges. He can look up and down just a bit. His hood and cape collar restricts neck articulation. The shoulder hinge may be fully used. There's enough clearance for the shoulder pads to go into the joint. The protective bracers on his forearms prevent full use of the elbow joint. Turning his waist will leave a noticeable gap with the white deco at his waist. The ankle joint is superb. The pivot allows his foot to be turned almost ninety degrees to his ankle. The cape gets in the way of low poses. 

Comparison shots. I like the Toy Biz colours better. 

Not a fan of the costume but I have to say the figure is nice. I like the amount of accessories he comes with. And I like the way he is able to hold the small crescents. It's been done before but this is a first for Marvel Legends. Thanks for viewing!


David Cartoon said...

Thanks for the review! Any chance of swapping the head and cape between this and the Toybiz version? I love the new hood.

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