Sunday, September 11, 2016

STGCC 2016 The Falcon's Hangar - Comicave Studios, Storm Collectibles & Kids Logic

Some very tempting goodies spotted around the Falcon's Hangar booth at STGCC. They include items from Comicave Studios, Storm Collectibles and Kids Logic.

You may recall hearing about a life-sized statue of Captain America being erected in Brooklyn, New York last month to mark Cap's 75th Anniversary. Well the folks responsible for that are from Comicave Studios and they've brought the 1/12 scale version to STGCC. This piece is available from the Falcon's Hangar and man does it look gorgeous. 

Also from Comicave Studios are the upcoming TMNT CUBE IT and Sanrio PODz. They look so cute!

I was most excited to see the Street Fighter V figures from Storm Collectibles.

On display is the recently announced Ken. Looking good! I can't wait for the line to hit!

Almost missed this one. Kids Nations DC figures from Kids Logic.

The following are just prototypes and pending approval. I think the set from Suicide Squad is first to be displayed at STGCC. I did not know anything about them prior to today.  

And here are the figures from Batman v Superman.

The following is a Limited Edition set of Batman and Superman in their classic costumes.

Also upcoming from Kids Logic is this magnetic floating Mazinger Z!

Cool stuff! STGCC is now on till Sunday, 11 September  2016. Click the following link for details:

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