Friday, September 30, 2016

Star Wars: "Rogue" Friday (Singapore)

I just got back from "Rogue" Friday! This year's Force Friday event was held just a few hours ago at the Toys"R"Us store at Suntec City Mall and I'm happy to report that I got what I wanted. 

I was actually thinking of skipping the event to be honest. I didn't feel like spending a couple of hours in queue but yet I found myself there. And pretty early at that. There's just something about being at a product launch which fills you with excitement. I met a couple of other collectors there and had a nice chat with them which helped passed the time.

The crowd wasn't as big as last year but it was still a good sized one. More joined the queue as it got closer to midnight. I estimate near two hundred people showed up for the launch.  

It wouldn't be a Star Wars event if there wasn't some characters in attendance. I'm grateful for the members of the 501st Legion Singapore who showed up. And on a work night even. 

There was even a Death Trooper... oh wait... that's just a standee...

We were let in at the stroke of midnight. It was pretty hectic at the start as most of the Rogue One merchandise was put out in a corner at the front of the store. I felt that the area was not big enough. I managed to get what I wanted and exited quickly.  

Here's a quick look at some of the merchandise available. Click images to enlarge. 

The Force FX Lightsabers and Stormtrooper helmet could be found behind the cashiers.

If you spent $120 and above you could get a Star Wars tote bag containing some merchandise. The contents include a Star Wars LEGO poster, a Star Wars LEGO sticker sheet, a BladeBuilders Lightsaber, a notebook, a lanyard and a $10 Gift Certificate. 

And here's my haul. Only the first wave was available which is kinda disappointing. I was hoping to get Director Krennic. Reviews hopefully will be up this weekend.... I have some things to attend to the next few days...

Those who are hunting for the new figures you may want to head down to the Suntec City atrium. I saw some staff stocking as I was leaving. 

A mini-stage has also been set up. I'll try and head back during the weekend to check things out if I can.

Right it's about time I went to bed. Thanks for viewing!

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