Monday, September 19, 2016

Marvel Legends Series Dr Strange, Brother Voodoo, Enchantress & Dormammu BAF

I'm not sure what's up with me the past few days. I just feel so exhausted. I practically slept the whole weekend. And I had intended to get some photos done too... I did manage some. And it's a quick look at the rest of the figures from the Marvel Legends Dormammu BAF series. They are Dr Strange, Brother Voodoo, Enchantress and Dormammu himself. 

These figures are basically the exact same figures that came out previously with some paint differences. They are good for those who missed out on them. For me they are quite disappointing to see. Especially so for Enchantress who was only just released in the SDCC Raft boxset. It's too soon. 

I'll just be doing comparison shots in this post. For a more detailed look at the figures, follow the links:

Dr Strange

This version of Dr Strange (right) comes with different forearms. His gloves were painted on compared to the sculpted ones on the Hulkbuster series Dr Strange. The design on his costume has changed a bit at the chest area. This is for the time that he got back the title of Sorcerer Supreme. The red used is of a brighter tone, as is the yellow of his sash. 

He comes with his cloak. (right)  There's some nice detail on it. The shape is nice and the design on the gold edges were sculpted. It's got the Eye of Agamotto pinned in the front. I've been using the Marvel Select cape on the Hulkbuster series Dr Strange. 

Another difference is there's less grey in his hair on this version. His skin colour too was painted with a more richer skin tone.

Brother Voodoo has several differences compared to the SDCC version. This figure (right) is based on when he wasn't the Sorcerer Supreme. Hence there's less paint on his face, wears a tattered cape and carries a blue staff. His sash is of a different tone and his wrists bracers are of a darker tone.

The back view. This cape looks to be similar to Hobgoblin's.

And here you can better see his face. The white applied on his hair on this version is quite thick and some has gone onto his forehead on my figure. 

I don't find this version of Enchantress (right) as appealing as the SDCC version due to the colour combination. I don't like her dark green attire which I feel doesn't go along well with her metallic green coloured arm sleeves. The circular patterns on her leggings were painted with metallic green too. Her belt is metallic yellow here. Her hair is of a darker shade of yellow. She comes with two hex effects and they are of a lighter shade of green. 

The Dormammu BAF. Here's the parts list:

Head - Astral Plane Dr Strange (movie)
Shoulder Armour - Iron Fist
Upper torso - Enchantress
Right arm - Dr Strange (comic)
Left arm - Brother Voodoo
Lower torso and skirt piece - Nico Minoru
Right leg and flaming skulls - Karl Mordo
Left leg - Dr Strange (movie)

The case of figures that I ordered contained two right arms... Karl Mordo is supposed to have the left arm but it came with a right... it sucks... but it makes the decision to move it on easier. 

I did not assemble the figure but you can still see the differences. The BAF has yellowish flames on his head, shiny purple armour and arms and legs, metallic red sections as compared to matte with black wash and has blue green flaming skulls compared to pink and purple. Even if complete, I'll still pick the SDCC version over the BAF for the colour of the skulls and the translucent hands which I think are cool.  

The Dormammu BAF series is mixed bag. Iron Fist, Nico Minoru and the movie Dr Strange and Karl Mordo are nice. The rest to me are meh. I'll still keep the comic Dr Strange and Brother Voodoo just in case for certain set ups. Thanks for viewing!

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