Monday, September 12, 2016

STGCC 2016 - Bandai / Tamashii Nations

Cowabunga! The Turtles were in town. The S.H.Figuarts classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line that is. That and more seen at the Bandai / Tamashii Nations booth at STGCC.

If ya smellllllll!!!!! what Bandai, is cooking! There was lots of interesting things to see at the Bandai booth this year. Such as the S.H.Figuarts WWE. Shown below are The Rock, Stone Cold and Triple H.

Suicide Squad! I'm still unsure if I should get the them. On thing's for certain they look better than Mattel's version.

Star Wars Movie Realization. I believe the Yumi Ashigaru and the Taikoyaku Stormtrooper are new and upcoming. (Pictured right and second from right respectively)

Yet another Movie Realization figure in the form of Samurai Spider-man.

We got a first hand look at the Chogokin Toy Story Combination Woody Robo Sheriff. The pictured five Toy Story characters combine to form a giant robot. So awesome! Hang on a second. Isn't someone key missing? That's right what about Buzz Lightyear?

Well he's got his own robot. He, a couple of Pizza Planet Aliens and his rocket ship will combine into Buzz the Space Ranger Robo. And you know what else? The Woody and Buzz Robots can combine together and form and even Bigger robot. I'm trying to look for the name but I think it was something like Gangreat King. Spectacular! 

Woody will be available in November/December while Buzz will be released in January/February. Both were available for pre-order at STGCC.

Bandai also had a section dedicated to showcase the Star Wars model kits. I love the size and layout of it.

The kits once built can look too clean. Some painted samples were on display to show what a little paint and weathering can do. 

And here's some of what else was on display. More images in the gallery.

There was quite a number of items available at their sales section. The S.H.Figuarts TMNT Leonardo and Donatello were available. I so wanted to get them but I didn't budget.... 

Right that's all for now. You can see more images in the following link:

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The WWE figures looks great!