Saturday, July 10, 2021

Marvel Legends Series The Infinity Saga Surtur

Big monster! 

Surtur was one character I didn't think Hasbro would do. For one they would have to make him big. And big they did make him. He stands around thirteen inches tall! Guess they proved me wrong. Surtur is based on his first appearance in Thor: Ragnarok when he fought Thor, when he was still "smaller" compared to his size at the end of the film. He looks great. I don't like the open mouth look they gave him though. He looks more shocked than menacing. Does he eat? I doubt he can taste anything with that burnt black tongue. I love the look of the horns of his crown. I like the bright orange specks on them. You can just imagine the heat and the flames on it. His translucent head and body is covered with sculpted bumps and the like. A good amount of black paint was applied on him to give it that charred surface look. He's a little too charred at the shoulders and ankles for my liking. There's sort of a skeleton design on the back. The back of his body unfortunately lacks sufficient black paint and he looks rather "naked" there. The joints are unpainted so they will stand out when they are in use. I like that they added some extra flames on his body. They enhance his look. He is a fire demon after all.  

Some close-ups. 

Just to show you how he looks with a light applied directly on him.

Accessories. He comes with a right open hand, a left fist and a sword. These hands have the standard swivel and hinge.

The sword has great sculpted detail on it. I especially like the colour. It's dark red on one side and it gradually becomes crimson red. It's a proper demonic sword.

Articulation. He's got a dumbbell joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel hinge right wrist, swivel and up and down hinge left wrist (default gripping hand), ball joint torso, ab crunch, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, low low shin swivel, and ankle hinge and pivot. He cannot look up or down much. The shoulder hinge is hindered by the sculpt. He cannot spread open his arms wide. The furthest is what you see at the top of the page. The ab crunch allows about one and a half clicks forward and half click back. It works very well together with the torso joint so he can bend forward and back well. The range of the elbows and ankles is good. Poses using one leg will be very difficult to achieve as the leg joints cannot support his weight.

Comparison shots. Surtur I think should be bigger. I had a quick look at some screenshots and Thor only comes up to his knees at best. I'm not going to complain. He still is big. 

Great figure! The articulation is excellent! Thanks for viewing!


The Ironist said...

Hi Jason! Great reviews and appreciate your comparison shots with other figures! Been going through all your reviews.

Please do the Infinity Saga Cap figure next (assuming you have him)!

Jason said...

Hi The Ironist, unfortunately I will not be getting Cap. Have too many of the same characters.

Unknown said...

Hi Jason! Great reviews! Appreciate if you can review Odin also. Thank you

Jason said...

The Odin post is up.

marvelpg said...

Just got Surtur...looks great...still debating if I'm taking him out of the box or leaving him in :)