Thursday, April 18, 2019

Marvel Legends Series Caliban BAF

Here's a look at the Marvel Legends Caliban.

First the parts list:

Caliban is based on when he became Death, one of the Horseman of Apocalypse. He sure looks the part with that monstrous head sculpt. The brow ridge is thick and extends upwards like horns. His open mouth screaming expression, with the teeth showing add to his menacing look. The dark rings around his eyes helps to highlight the yellow eyes better. I think the best part is the way they did his skin. It's white and with quite a bit of grey shading done. It results in a more textured and realistic appearance. He looks like he stepped right out of a monster movie. Great stuff! The body is new to my surprise. I could have sworn we got something like it before. Anyway it's a pretty plain body. Aside for the bands at his wrist which are separate pieces all the costume details were painted. There's quite a bit of veins visible on his body. Notably on the inside of his biceps. Those there are huge and bulging. The claw hands are new. They are really bony and creepy looking. And like his head, shading was done here as well. Very nice! The white areas of his costume have a pearlescent appearance. It catches the light well and he looks brighter with it. One thing about it is that the white is peeling off, especially from the joints on my figure. Maybe it's a one-off and I got a poor piece. But it's something to look out for.  

A close-up of his face. Oooh what sharp teeth you have. Kinda like a vampire's. Actually come to think of it he does look like one of those elder vampires. Also check out his sculpted tongue. Nice! Click images to enlarge.

Those, like me who have been searching for an extra pair of Monster Venom hands for Shadow King may want to consider using Caliban's hands. They fit and I think they look good. These hands are currently easier to find and I'm going to go with them.

Articulation. He's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, elbow hinge, swivel hinge wrists, ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, calf swivel and ankle hinge and pivot. He can look up and down well. The elbows bend at most ninety degrees. The ab crunch allows two clicks forward and one click back.

Comparison shots.

Great figure! I like him more than I thought I would. Thanks for viewing!


GIJigsaw said...

This is a great BAF. I stopped reading comics when this version of Caliban came out but the design is awesome. Looking forward to acquiring this set.

Damon said...

You are on a roll! I'm way behind with commenting, but I want to say thanks for all these reviews. They are fun and really helpful. :)