Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Marvel Legends Series Captain Marvel x 3 - MCU Starforce, Default and Jacket versions

Hi all! It's been quite some time since my last toy post. Some of you have sent me messages expressing concern of my well being. I truly, truly appreciate that and I would like to thank you all for it! While there have been some recent "downs" in my life, the main reasons for my absence are laziness, gaming and pursuing other interests. I have no intention of quitting toy collecting or of taking toy photos at the moment. That said I have slowed down my collecting quite a bit. I'm sticking to my main lines as much as possible and am trying not to start other lines, such as Mezco One:12...  

I like to thank everyone for checking out the blog. I'll try to update more often but I can't make any promises. Right let's get to the toys. I have a Captain Marvel triple feature for you. Pics within.  

I have not done this and have not touched my figures in awhile so do bear with me and correct me if I make any mistakes.

The Starforce Captain Marvel (CMSF) and the default Captain Marvel (CMD) from the Kree Sentry BAF series use the same body mould. The body is all new and has lots of nice sculpted detail on it. The colours are different obviously and also some of the painted line patterns. Paint apps are not great. There's bleeding and slop here and there. One gripe for me is not being able to align the lines properly on the thighs of CMSF, even in her neutral standing position. It can be done but then her foot will face inwards too much... Hopefully my next CMSF will be better. Both figures come with a masked head sculpt. I like the look of it, especially how her hair flows out from the top. The hair has some nice shading in it. She wears a hint of a smile on her face. Her expression to me suggests she likes doing battle and is about to smack someone.  

Click images to enlarge.

Next up, a jacket version of Captain Marvel (CMJ).

CMJ I feel is a waste of a slot in the series. Do we really need this version of Captain Marvel? My initial answer is no but I'll give a definite answer after I've watched the movie. Now although I said that, this figure has its attraction. For one we get a different head sculpt from the other versions. This unmasked head sculpt features wind swept hair. She's smiling here and has a pleasant look. We also get that sweet pilot's jacket which I believe is new. The torso and legs of the figure are the same as with CMD. 


CMD comes with an unmasked Carol Danvers head and a pair of open hands.

CMJ comes with Goose, her cat. The included BAF piece is the left arm for the Kree Sentry.

CMSF comes with an unmasked Carol Danvers head, the head of Minn-Erva, a pair of gripping hands for Minn-Erva, a scarf, a pouch with strap loaded with bluish crystal like objects which I think is ammo and blaster rifle.

The unmasked Carol Danvers heads from CMD and CMSF are the same. The head sculpt has a good likeness. The eyes seem more fuzzy than usual. Wish they were better. She wears a neutral expression. Actually scratch that. She looks quite creepy and fierce.

The head and hands may be swapped between CMD and CMJ. CMJ's head sits a little high on CMD though. 

CMJ's cat is named Goose, and is described as her sidekick on the back of the package. From that I assume this is no normal cat. Goose has nice furry sculpted detail. The colours on it are great. The shiny gold eyes were done very well.

Swapping in some parts on CMSF and we get Minn-Erva. Hence the reason why we'll need to get a second piece if we want a MCU Starforce team. Damnit Hasbro... The figure looks different from what I've seen in the trailers and images. She has long black hair and does not wear a mask whereas here she has short blue hair and wears a cool looking black and metallic blue mask. She may very well wear this look in the film. We'll just have to wait and see. Minn-Erva looks really cool. I just love the look. I love the various shades of blue used. Love the hair too. It's unique and has some black shading in it. Her hair was not painted fully on the back her head. There's a noticeable blue streak there much to my annoyance. Her lips are metallic pink. You know all this blue and metallic colours are giving me a Nebula vibe. I wonder... She wears a scarf and I've also given her the sling pouch. 

She carries a blaster rifle. It has some nice sculpted and paint detail on it.


All three figures have a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, swivel hinge wrists, ball joint torso, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. The hair on CMD's unmasked head restricts her from looking up. Head rotation is also a little hindered. 

Comparison shots.

I'm fine with CMD and CMSF. Not really feeling it for CMJ at the moment. Her jacket will be useful for a custom. Thanks for viewing!


GIJigsaw said...

Awesome post. Looking forward to get the Starforce version. Thanks for sharing.

jSarie said...

I hadn't thought that I needed any of these figures, but I think the cat maybe pushing me into the "buy" camp.

Thanks for sharing this!

Damon said...

I'm glad to see you doing reviews again. :) They are always helpful in deciding on which figures to buy. For instance, I had no interest in the CMSF at first, but she looks really awesome in your pictures and that made me almost buy her (but then I saw the price she goes by in my country and... nah ;) The CMD will do :D). I was intersted in the CMJ as well, but in every review I have seen, she seems to be cross-eyed? o_O

Jason said...

@Damon - yup she is a little cross-eyed.

David said...

I understand you, sometimes theres a lack of inspiration and videogames take a lot of time hahaha. But dont quick