Sunday, March 4, 2018

Marvel Legends Series Avengers Infinity War Scarlet Witch & Vision Two-Pack

3rd March saw a lot of new arrivals in stores. Among them the Avengers Infinity War Scarlet Witch and Vision two-pack!

First up Scarlet Witch. She's a repaint of the figure we got in the Abomination BAF series. Her skin tone is lighter and has darkened eyes which makes a world of difference. Now this looks more like the Scarlet Witch we see on screen. The hair colour is still off though. I think she's more of a brunette. (I was thinking of Civil War when I wrote this. It was pointed out to me that she will have reddish hair in Infinity War which the figure is based on. My bad.) The figure has orangey brown hair with dark brown shading. The paint apps are great. The eyes along with the eyeliner and eye shadow were well done. Look closely at her eyebrows and you can even make out some strands. 

A quick comparison of the two MCU Scarlet Witch. Click images to enlarge.

Vision's next. Let me get my main complaint out of the way first. He's too small in my opinion. He could use more height and bulk. Check out the comparisons and you decide for yourself. Now on to the good stuff. He's got a great head sculpt. There's lots of nice sculpted detail and the likeness is superb. The Mind gem is on his forehead and painted gold in colour. It's hard to make out against the gun metal portion though. The body is all new and is textured. The body shape is spot on. They used a metallic green for his body. It catches the light so depending on the light source you get a different shade of green. The gold portion at his neck is attached to his cape. The cape is pegged into his back and seems to be stuck on. It is likely removable with some force but I won't be doing that. The cape was made with a shiny, translucent plastic. I like the the circuitry type design sculpted on it. Some areas are pink in colour. His cape does have a red hue as it billows in the movie. This is meant to show that. The pink was only applied on the outside of his cape. The cape is quite stiff and long and will restrict some poses.

A close-up of the head. The likeness is superb! His blue eyes were very well painted.


Scarlet Witch comes with a pair of psionic effect pieces.

Vision comes with an extra pair of fists. I would have loved if they included a pair of gripping hands as well. Then we can have him use Mjonir.

The psionic effect pieces are so much better than the giant blobs we got previously. Considering her abilities there's no right or wrong way to use the effects.


Scarlet Witch has got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, swivel hinge right wrists, swivel and up and down hinge left wrist, ball joint torso, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. She can look down okay but not up due to her hair. Head rotation is also hindered by her hair.

Vision has a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows,  swivel hinge wrists, ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. He can look up and down well. The ab crunch allows two clicks forwards and two clicks back. Low poses are restricted due to the length of the cape.

Comparison shots. I re-watched some scenes of Vision. He should be almost a full head taller than Scarlet Witch and about half a head shorter than Thor.

Scarlet Witch is an improvement and I love the psionic effect pieces. Vision is a good figure but I feel he should be bigger. Thanks for viewing!


Unknown said...

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Wiccan said...

Good review. Just to notice though, Wanda's hair color isn't off. On Infinity War she has her hair dyed red, most likely as a disguise, like how Widow is a blonde.

Jason said...

@Wiccan - Thanks for pointing it out. I was basing my thoughts on Civil War which this is not based on.

Unknown said...

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