Friday, March 2, 2018

Marvel Legends Series 90s Cable (Sasquatch BAF)

Here's a look at the Marvel Legends 90s Cable.

Cable looks rather casual. Lol. I stripped him of whatever could be removed. Despite his casual appearance you'll think twice about messing with him. He's big and imposing. The body reuses the Nuke body. He's got a metallic left arm and is wearing gloves. The upper torso was cast in blue with the skin tone for his neck painted. I'm disappointed with his open left hand. He comes with several guns and is only able to use one at a time... Perhaps an extra gun holding hand could have been included. 

Accessories. He comes with a "neck warmer", a padded harness with pouches and three guns of different sizes. The included BAF part is the left leg of Sasquatch. I'm not sure what the thing that goes around his neck is called. I'll just call it a "neck pillow". It's heavily padded and looks quite comfy. Lol. The harness too has quite a bit of padding on it. There's lots of great detail on it. The ammo, straps and pouches were all sculpted. Look closely and you can make out the creases on it. Nice! I also like that the pouches which have some black shading on them. I think all three guns are new. They have nice sculpted detail on them. The largest gun has some dents and scratches on it. All three are dark grey in colour and have some tiny blue specks in the plastic. I would have liked if they had some paint detail. 

Fully equipped Cable looks awesome! Now he's ready to take on all comers! The largest gun may be pegged onto the harness and carried on his back. 

A close-up of the head. He's got a great head sculpt. I think he has a good likeness. There are quite a bit of facial lines on his face. He's even got the scars/markings around his right eye. (Click images to enlarge). He looks focused and in the midst of dealing with something. The most unique thing about him is the glowing effect piece at his left eye. It's not removable. It appears stuck on. And here I was thinking I could use it as a muzzle flash. Lol. There's good detail for his hair. I just wish they stuck the hair piece on better. You can tell that it is a separate piece. 

He's wearing a communications device on the left side of his face. It too was stuck on. I would have preferred it to be removable. The device has some nice sculpted detail on it. It looks a little too big though. I'll need to look up the old comics and check how its supposed to be. I also wish it had some paint detail on it. 

There's a loop on his belt and the smallest gun may be stored there.

Articulation. He's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel with up and down hinge right wrist, swivel hinge left wrist, ball joint torso, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, boot swivel and ankle hinge and pivot. He can look up and down well. Just note to adjust the position of his neck pillow when posing as it will tend to move about. The leg joints are loose on my figure which made taking photos of him take longer than it should have.

Comparison shots.

Great figure! He could use an extra gun holding left hand. Now I'll have to look for one. Thanks for viewing!

(Don't mind the modern Domino in the following pic.)


Fred Meyer said...

I can't wait to find these at retail. Your photos on this review make Cable, 'Pool, and Domino look amazing!

Kim Dubuisson said...

Wow! A very cool looking Cable.