Saturday, July 15, 2017

S.H.Figuarts Dr Strange

Here's a look at the S.H.Figuarts Dr Strange.

There are different releases for this figure. Mine is the standard version. There's another exclusive set which comes with some flame effect parts. I would have got that one if not for an oversight on my part. 

I have skipped a couple of Marvel S.H.Figuarts figures due to the scale and budget reasons but this was one figure I had to get. He looks a lot better than the Marvel Legends version. His appearance is more movie accurate and there's a great deal of detail. The Eye of Agamotto was sculpted, as are the design on his forearms and the wrinkles on his attire. I have to mention the boots. The laces were sculpted, they are textured is areas and the soles have a pattern on them. Very nice! The "belt" and the outer robes is a separate piece. Again there's great detail on it. You can make out the stitching and the straps are textured. I also like that they painted the buckles and the metal clasps. The robes are flexible and allows leg articulation. I think he's got a nice head sculpt. There is some likeness but it's still not quite there. He reminds me of someone else which I can't quite place my finger on. 

The cloak looks really nice. The collar and the portion on his shoulders is flexible vinyl and is textured. The bottom portion is stiff plastic which they have shaped very well. It appears like it has a lot of material and I love the flowy look of it. One minor gripe is the gap near the top which breaks up the look. The cloak is not removable. The whole lower portion is attached to the figure with a hinge which allows it to be moved up and down. The sides of the cloaks have a swivel and they can swivel outwards to the sides.   

The sides of the cloak may also swivel to the front. Considering the cloak has a mind on its own, this is quite useful. Unfortunately it cannot swivel to the back. 

It's great that the cloak has movable parts but a downside is that gaps may appear and may look awkward when posed.  

Accessories. He comes with an alternate intense looking head, three different sets of open hands, one set of a spell gesture hands, one set of open hands with pegs on the palms, one pair of green magic circle effect discs and one pair of orange magic effect discs. 

The alternate head (pictured on the right) has a more intense look. He's staring intently and appears focused and angry. His mouth is slightly opened and gives the impression that he's gritting his teeth. 

The markings on the magic circles were well printed on. It's only printed on one side. As the disc is transparent you will be able to see the markings on the opposite side but it'll look lighter. The magic circles may only be used with the hands with the pegs. They fit securely on the peg. The peg can be seen and it spoils the look of the circle. But I suppose this is one of the best ways to achieve the spell cast effect. 

Articulation. He's a dumbbell joint neck, a ball joint at the lower neck, butterfly joint, ball joint torso, ball hips on a hinge, a bit of thigh swivel, ball joint ankles and toe hinge. There are revolver joints for the shoulders, elbows, wrists and knees. He can look down okay and look up just a bit. The torso joint has quite a good range of movement. His robes are flexible and he is able to raise his legs. You can get the ankles to pivot. A disappointing thing is he can hardly flex his foot up or down. An ankle hinge is needed for that.  

Comparison shots. As with previous S.H.Figuarts Marvel figures he's shorter than Marvel Legends which is a shame. 

Great figure! I love the magic circles. I wish he were bigger in size. Thanks for viewing!

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