Sunday, December 13, 2015

Star Wars Rebels: The Phantom

Patience paid off! Thanks to the Christmas sales I managed to score the Phantom at just SGD15! The "Rebels" crew finally has a ship.

There's a little assembly involved. You just need to put on the canopy for the cockpit and the cover for the cargo / passenger area.

A sticker sheet is included. I recommend applying them so you get a more accurate look for the ship. It helps if you have one of those pincer/tweezers tools as it's hard to access some areas with your fingers, especially the cockpit. 

And here she is, The Phantom. For those who do not know the Phantom is a small craft which is used by the "Rebels" crew for missions and transport. It is able to dock seamlessly with their main ship, The Ghost. You hardly notice that it's there. This Phantom vehicle is pretty accurate in terms of shape and look. It has lots of great detail. You can see the various panels, hatches and mechanisms. The body is off white but still has a far too clean look. It could really use some shading. The yellow and orangey deco were well painted on.

Click images to enlarge.

The wings fold down. You have to manually do it. 

Attached on the wings are two guns which you slide out. The Phantom does not have these in the show. This is something added to the toy. What it does have are the front laser cannons which you pull out from under the nose of the ship. They have good length and are true to the show. 

Mounted on top is a turret which can be rotated 360 degrees. Push the yellow button and it fires a missile.

A look at the area covered by the wing. Again there's very nice detail.

Access to the Phantom is via the front canopy or the cover on the main body. Just two figures may be carried. I suppose you could put more if you squeeze them in at the back. 

All of the main crew of The Ghost may fit inside except for Zeb who's too big.

Here's a look at the cockpit. The interior has great detail. There's has a number of switches on the dashboard.

The seat looks comfy. It's textured. 

It's no Ghost but it'll do. 

I like the Phantom! Even more so with the price! It looks great and offers a lot of playability. Thanks for viewing!


Unknown said...

What stand do you have it on?

Jason said...

That's the old DC Universe Classics stand