Thursday, April 23, 2015

Atomic Loot

Some of you may have heard of Atomic Loot which was launched earlier this year. It's Singapore's first monthly mystery gift box service for the adult geek. It's similar to Loot Crate, 1Up Box and the like. There's a different theme each month and the "loot" you get is based on that theme. I was given a box recently. Here's what was inside.   

The following is the loot box from March. The theme for last month was Spider-man, which you can tell from the box design. The design of the box is pretty cool. The lettering which follows the style of the Spider-man comics is a nice touch.

Now let's get to the loot. There's still plenty of space in the box. I was hoping it would be more packed.

First out is a Hasbro 12" Spider-man figure from the Titan Hero series. A nice item. Something you can display or play with. It'll also make a good gift for a kid.

Next is an A4 Spider-man print. Okay cool.

This next lot is more for kids. Stickers, a party blower and half of a party goodie bag?

Then there's these two comics. Amazing Spider-man #1! Now that's a surprise! The Amazing Spider-man Special is also a good piece. 

I spoke with Dave at Atom Comics, who's part of the team that runs the Atomic Loot. Apparently some boxes contain special items which I think is the case here. It's your luck whether you get it or not. He also mentioned that they are always looking to improve the "loot" and that movie tickets are a possibility if they can work something out with the Cathay.

A box cost SG$25 a month. Cheaper if you signed up for a longer subscription. So is the box worth it? For this particular box yes. I suggest searching for other months' loot online to help give you a better idea.

For more details on Atomic Loot, click the link.

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