Saturday, January 17, 2015

Marvel Star Wars #1 Launch Event at Atom Comics

A launch event for the the first issue of the new Star Wars comic from Marvel was held today at Atom Comics. Here are some pics from it.

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Members of the 501st Legion Singpore and the Cathar Outpost - Rebel Legion Singapore were on hand to greet you at the store. Various characters could also be found around The Cathay, which is the mall Atom Comics is located in.

Though the comic was released earlier this week, it was cheaper to purchase it at the event. It cost just SG$4.99 today. Now I have read the comic and I must say it's a pretty good read. It certainly has the feel of the Original Trilogy. The personalities of the characters are spot on. The story takes place after the destruction of the Death Star in Episode IV. We see Han and the rest of the crew as they go about taking out an Imperial Weapons Factory. All seems to be going well until the arrival of an Imperial Negotiator.

Atomic Loot was also launched today. It's kinda like a mystery box. Inside is "loot" related to the theme of the month. This month's theme is... you guessed it Star Wars. For more info check out the Atomic Loot Facebook page.

Artist Sonny Liew was at the store and you could go and meet him. He had some prints for sale. Vader and Yoda look like they are going to be arguing forever.

Down at the atrium a Star Wars X-wing Minatures Game Tournament was held. I didn't stay for the results.

There was a mini parade. To the "Imperial March", Darth Vader led all the cosplayers for a short stretch before presiding over the X-Wing Minatures Game Tournament. I think not since STGCC has there been this large a gathering of Star Wars characters locally. Members from Fightsaber were also present.

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Do check out the new Star Wars comic at your local comic store.

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