Monday, January 5, 2015

G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Night Marksmen - Low Light Vs Night-Viper

Yo Joe! G.I.Joe had it's 50th Anniversary last year. Among the releases to mark it is this Night Marksmen two-pack which I think is one of the most worth it sets. You got two great figures and a ton of accessories.

Low Light is a re-release of the one that came out in the Pursuit of Cobra (POC) line. The two releases are largely the same except this figure features a star on his left arm instead of an eagle. The figure has lots of sculpted detail on it. I love the textured detail on his back. There's good paint detail. I like that the buckles were painted. He wears a frown on his face. If I recall correctly, I think his eyes are sensitive to light so that could be the reason for it. And because of it he wears goggles almost all of the time. The pair on his head is removable.

Low Light's accessories. There's the sniper rifle with a scope, silencer, bipod and case. Then there's the uzi, a knife, a box of bullets with a removable bullet, a range finder, a field radio, a tracking device (red screen thingy), a backpack and a stand with gold lettering. 

A closer look at the bullets and the field radio. It's simply awesome that there's a removable bullet. I would have been happy to get the box of bullets alone. The field radio has good detail and I love that the knobs and buttons were painted. There's a removable handset at the side which Low Light can hold.  

The sniper rifle and scope can be stored in it's case. The scope can also be carried on his left leg. The backpack opens up and the smaller items can fit inside. The field radio fits on the side of the backpack.

He's able to carry everything on his back. The backpack pegs into the sniper rifle case. The problem though is he's unable to stand on his own.

Here's his sniper rifle. The back part (not sure what's it called) can slide out. 

Now for the Night-Viper. Previous versions had mostly green uniforms. I think this is the first with a red one. Shouldn't a sniper wear something darker? Without gear, his look is basically that of a standard Cobra trooper. One thing that makes him stand out is the lower leg padding. The web gear is removable. There's a holster for his pistol on it. The paint apps are good. The logos were well painted on. 

The Night Viper comes with a sniper rifer, a shot gun, a machine gun, a pistol, a machete, a flash light, a helmet, a backpack, a satchel bag and a base. Unlike Low Light, he cannot carry everything. The shotgun can be stored on the backpack and the flash light in the satchel bag. It's hard to get him to hold the red sniper rifle properly. The grip of his left hand is too big and he cannot hold any of his accessories.

The helmet has visor with a scope on it. It's unique to the Night-Viper. The visor is on a hinge and can be flipped up and down. It's quite troublesome to put the helmet on. It's just fitting. It looks good on him. 

Articulation. Both figures have a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, swivel and up down hinge right wrist, swivel and left right hinge on the left wrist, waist rotation, ball hips, double jointed knees and swivel hinge ankles. 

Comparison shots.

I just love the accessories!  Thanks for viewing!

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