Friday, October 10, 2014

S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 42 & Tony's Sofa

Hang in there the weekend is almost here!

So I mainly got the S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 42 for the sofa. I need props for photos and comics. Though I haven't done a comic in awhile... The sofa is a bonus with the first release of this figure. The sofa is slightly curved. It measures roughly 18cm (7") in length. The sitting area is roughly 4cm (1.6") in width and the height from the legs to the sitting area is roughly 3cm (1.2"). It's made of solid plastic and it's cream coloured.

The two pillows are stuck together. The back of it is hollow.

I think the sofa is a little small for 6" scale figures. How well a figure looks on it depends if it has sufficient articulation. The Mark 42 has no problems in this regard.

Now we can create the true "House Party Protocol".

The sofa is a great prop. Thanks... Oh wait. There's still the figure.

If not for the sofa I probably would not have got this. And I wish I hadn't. Cause I like it a lot and I'm now very tempted to look for the S.H.Figuarts Mark VII and War Machine. The sculpt and proportions are good. It's got great detail. The paint is simply superb. Metallic paint was used and it makes the figure really stand out. Do take care when handling the figure. I got careless posing him and now there's some marks on his thigh...  

Accessories. He comes with 3 pairs of Repulsor effect parts and 3 extra pairs of interchangeable hands. The effect parts may be attached through a peg either on the part itself or on the hands. Only the "Repulsor Blast" hands have pegs on them. There are slots on the back of his hands. When you switch the hands, you are supposed to detach the small gold plate and attach it to the new pair. 

He's got great articulation. He's got a ball joint on the upper and lower neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, ball joint wrists, torso pivot, waist pivot, ball hips on up down hinges, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, ankle swivel hinge and pivot, and toe hinge. The shoulder pads have hinges. There's also a hinge on the gold piece of armour on the back of his hand which allows him to do a proper Repulsor Blast pose.

Comparison shots. I just love the shine of this figure. It would have been great if it were as big as the Marvel Legends version.

Great figure and prop. Thanks for viewing!

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