Monday, October 13, 2014

Avengers Assemble All-Star Loki & Iron Man (Marvel NOW!)

I wasn't aware of any new figures for Avengers Assemble. So it came as a surprise when I saw these two on the pegs. 

Loki is a great looking figure. I love the armour. There's nice sculpted detail on it, and also on his attire. You can see the many creases on his sleeves and pants. And I like that he looks a little more beefy. I like the wind swept cape as it gives the figure more "life". The head sculpt is okay. He looks a little lost though. 

Loki comes with his helmet and sceptre. The mustard yellow colour they are in spoils them. It makes them look of inferior quality. They should really be in the same gold as his body armour. The helmet fits well and he can hold the sceptre well.

Iron Man's in the Marvel NOW! suit from the comics. I'm not sure if he appeared in it in the cartoon. Again the paint apps is good. I would have liked if he had more paint detail. He has some trouble standing straight and tends to fall backwards.

He comes with a Repulsor Blast effect piece.

Both figures have on;y 5 points of articulation. At the neck, shoulders and hips. 

Comparison shots.

Loki is a great addition. He'll help even things up a little. Iron Man is nice. Hopefully we can get another figure of him with more articulation. Thanks for viewing!  

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Enoque said...

This is not a new Avegers Assemble figures, but the All Stars line, with only 5 point of articulation. I almost buy the Thor from that collection until AA line launch a very more articulated version from marvel Now.