Saturday, September 13, 2014

STGCC 2014 Part 5: Simply Toys + Good Smile Company & more

Final part! Covering Simply Toys, Good Smile Company and a look at some of the other toy booths.

Long queues formed early on both days of the event at the Simply Toys booth. They had several exclusives available, the most popular being those from Funko Pop!.  

Some of the Funko Pop! exclusives include the Metallic Dr Doom, Funko Pop! Asia Monkey King and the Funko Pop! Jiangshi Hopping Ghosts series. There was also the Funko Pop! Asia Omamori Dolls Series which I was tempted to get. I think those sold out quickly and I don't even have a pic of them.

They had various toys on display, ranging from Play Arts Kai to Kotobukiya to Re-ment etc. 

The Hot Toys Optimus Prime (Megatron version) was in their display. I thought it would have been at the Hot Toys booth. Great to see it!

Need I mention they had Funko Pop!. 

They also had a Hasbro section. The Star Wars Rebels vehicles assortment was first available there. It was also a good opportunity to pick up the Star Wars Black Series Jabba the Hutt and Speeder Bike with Biker Scout.

Moving on to Good Smile Company. I like figma and Nendoroid. The trouble is I don't know who the characters are most of the time as I don't watch much anime. When I do come across an anime which I like, I find out the pre-orders for the character are over or are sold out. 

They usually have some exclusives available and this time they had the figma Kaga and Nendoroid Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class from the Kantai Collection. They also had the Attack on Titan! Levi (cleaning version) for both figma and Nendoroid. 

Here's a couple of figures that were on display.

The Soldier Story booth. Showcasing many realistic soldier type figures. 

Their exclusive for STGCC was the German Spezial Einsatz Kommando.

And now for a look at some of the various toy that could be found at STGCC. Ranging from the old, new, collectible, kits to designer.

More images of the above through the following links:

Simply Toys

Good Smile Company

Various Toys

As I said before, this year's STGCC has been great for toys.  There were many exclusives available. And there were also lots of new and upcoming figures on display. I had a great time checking them out. Thanks for viewing!


deSMOnd said...

M.A.S.K. toys are overpriced..

Unknown said...

Hi can anyone help me? What is price of M.A.S.k toys during that day.
Price of jackhammer, hurricane, gator, stinger, others? If u can recall. Thanks

Jason said...

@ George - I don't know what the prices were. Didn't ask.