Sunday, September 28, 2014

Star Wars Rebels - Kanan, Ezra, Chopper, The Inquisitor, Agent Kallus & Stormtrooper

Watching Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion had me wanting the figures. I was surprised to find out that they were already out at retail. I went hunting the past couple of days and I'm happy to report that my efforts paid off. 

The figures are part of the Saga Legends line. The card design is now a Stromtrooper's helmet with splatters of paint and graphitti on it. The bright colours make it very attractive. The figures that are from Star Wars Rebels have the title printed at the top as you see in the following pics. 

Click on images to enlarge. For individual pics and of the card backs you can find them in the gallery. The link to that bottom of the page. 

The figures look great! They have a good likeness to how they appear in the show. Despite them being in the animated style, they still have a good amount of detail on them. The paint can be poor so do choose properly if you are able to. Ezra is the most problematic one from what I saw with regards to paint. Most of the characters have only five points of articulation. Chopper has three, head swivel and at the legs. All of the figures can stand well although some of them appear to be leaning forward.

A closer look at the Rebels. Kanan's hair is really nice. I initially thought it was just a painted flat surface but on closer inspection you can make out subtle lines. He's got the pony tail too. The lines of his tan, sweater looking top were etched in. The armour portions, straps and belt were all sculpted. He has a gun at his side but it's not removable. The shoulder armour on his right prevents him from looking that way. Another gripe is that the straps of his knee guards are missing some paint. Moving on to Ezra. He has nice thick locks, and also thick eyebrows. The paint apps disappoint. There's brown bleeding from his vest. The white piece on his leg has chipping. And there are brown stains on the orange areas of his left leg. 

From left: Kanan, Ezra, Chopper

Chopper is a nice piece. He's got great sculpted detail, especially on the front. And there's good paint apps to match. 

The slingshot thingy on Ezra's left forearm was sculpted. The paint apps for it is decent.

Ezra comes with a trooper helmet. The helmet belongs to speeder bike troopers which you'll see in the show. The helmet is quite a tight fit on Ezra's head. 

Kanan comes with a lightsaber. I like that it has a stronger coloured blade. Kanan's right hand was sculpted tilted forward and this makes him look very natural holding the lightsaber.

The Imperial forces now. The Inquisitor is a Pau'un, hence his long thin shaped head. It's textured. There are many lines following the shape of his head. The red tattoos were very well painted. The lines are clean and sharp. The eyes too were very well done. There's lots of nice sculpted detail on his attire. The Imperial symbol was very well painted on his shoulder pads. One negative is the high collar prevents him from looking either side. Agent Kallus is dressed in partial armour. I would have liked if his helmet were removable. His thick sideburns make him unique for an Imperial officer. The Stormtrooper is thinner than previous versions. The armour is flatter. Unfortunately I don't have one to compare with. 

From left: Agent Kallus, The Inquisitor, Stormtrooper

The Inquisitor comes with his double sided lightsaber. There's nice detail on the handle. He could really use wrist swivels to properly wield it. 

Agent Kallus comes with a rather large weapon. The main barrel is sandwiched in between a blade and what looks like another blaster barrel. He can hold it well in either hand.

The Stormtrooper comes with a standard issue blaster rifle.

There's not much we can do with in terms of posing with 5 points of articulation. I would have liked if they had more but that may spoil their look. 

Here's how the figures compare with each other. There's some height difference between them. The Inquisitor is the tallest of the lot. 

You can view more pics here.

These figures are great! Especially when you have a bunch of them together. I'm looking forward to adding Zeb. And hopefully Hera and Sabine won't be too far behind. Thanks for viewing!  


Bubbashelby said...

I like the stylized Stormtrooper - I might pick that one up.

Jason said...

I like it too. Looking to get at least one more.