Monday, May 19, 2014

Asia Cosplay Meet Championship 2014

The Asia Cosplay Meet Championship 2014 was held over the weekend at The Promontory at Marina Bay. The event is one of the biggest Cosplay Competitions in Asia. This year saw teams from nine countries participating. They are: Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and China.

A preview was held on Friday, 16 May 2014 at United Square Shopping Mall. The timing of this clashed with another event so I couldn't stay for long. The participants were introduced on stage. They posed for photos and members of the audience were invited to play some games with them. I saw the teams of three countries before I had to leave. 

The competition had three categories, the Singles, Pairs and Teams. The Singles and Pairs competitions were held on a very hot first day while the Team competition was held on a very wet second day. I arrived late on the second day and had to leave early so I don't have many shots for Day 2.

Of the Singles category, I liked this guy's performance. He expressed himself very well and had the facial expressions to match.

I found the Pairs category more entertaining, especially the acts with fight scenes. I liked the performance of the pair from Korea the best for their fast and well choreographed sword fight. They also did a quick change of costumes midway.

Kaname was the special guest at the event. The following is the costume he wore on Day 2. I'm not sure what's the character but it looks very familiar. He cosplayed as Eren from Attack on Titan on Day 1.

As for the rest you can that see in the gallery. There was a great turnout over the two days despite the weather. I had a blast on Day 1. Day 2 on the other hand...

Stage Pics

General Pics

Hope you enjoy the pics!

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