Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Marvel Universe Professor X

A big thanks to a friend for helping me get this. Very surprised that this series got released. Series 1 is not even out yet. Hopefully we'll see that as well soon. Let's open this up and have a look. 

Professor X uses the same body as the SDCC GIJoe Rise of Cobra Destro with a new headsculpt. There's a good likeness to how he appears in the comics. I especially like the eyebrows which are well painted. He's spotting a little people's eyebrow on his right but its not very noticeable. The suit is a little bulky but he looks great in it. It all depends on the right sort of head. You'll see what I mean further down the post.     

A shot with the SDCC ROC Destro. A simple head swap and we'll get a Dixon Hill figure. Wonder if Hasbro will do any Star Trek figures. 

His suit is removeable. I doubt we'll display him without it. It does give customisers another civilian look to work with.  

This is the collectable comic shot, Professor Xavier and the X-men #1.

He comes with his hover chair. It comes in two parts. 

The hover chair is too straight and upright for my liking. I would have liked the leg area to be propped up more. I guess it was done this way to fit into the package. Still, its a pretty good looking chair and I'm glad we got it over a regular wheelchair. There's nice detail all around. There are vents and panels. The seat is textured and made to look like leather. There's even creases on it.  I think the red wash is overdone. I prefer a cleaner look for it, especially on the panels.   

Here's how Professor X looks sitting in the hover chair. The seat is too high. His elbows should comfortably sit on the armrests. The left image below shows him sitting up straight. The image on the right shows him with feet touching the bottom and leaning back. A problem with this is that his gaze will be upwards. So I'll most likely display him sitting up straight.  

In the chair, he's almost the same height as regular standing figures.

For articulation hes got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, wrists swivel, torso pivot, GIJoe style pin head hips, swivel hinge knees, and swivel hinge ankles.  

You can click on the images to enlarge.

He also makes for a good Lex Luthor figure. 

Now for some head swapping fun. Reed Richards doesn't look too comfortable.  

Most Marvel Universe heads I tried have too big a hole for the neck joint, hence the head will sit on the collar. And most characters will look to have gained some weight. Indy looks good. His head is also too big but I managed to get it to sit up abit.

Just a couple more head swaps with the suit off. GIJoe heads will work the best.

Some comparison shots.

Good stuff. Now only if a Cerebro helmet were included. We finally have the leader of the X-men. I look forward to the team expanding further. Thanks for viewing!   


flywheels said...

Still waiting on Blaastar...

Jason said...

He'll be up soon, I've just gotten him.

SirDragonBane said...

Love the "scalper" comic. Glad you managed to find him too! :)