Saturday, July 14, 2012

Marvel Universe Beta-Ray Bill

Its been a marvellous month so far. Here's a look at Beta-Ray Bill. 

Poor Beta-Ray Bill has to wear a muzzle in the package.  

This is a jaw dropping figure, literally. Once I got him out of the package, his jaw dropped off. No wonder he needed the muzzle. It stayed on once I attached it back. However, it kept dropping off whenever I tried to adjust its position. I did a quick fix using Blu-tac and I suggest you do the same if your figure has a similar problem. You don't want to lose it. Speaking of the lower jaw, it is sculpted slightly slanted. The way it looks is like somebody just hit him on his left side and he's feeling it. You won't notice it if his mouth is fully closed.

Beta-Ray Bill is a great looking figure. The headsculpt is excellent. He looks fierce. And there's nice detail on the wings of his helmet. There's a simple yet effective design on his shoulder pads which I like. The torso and arms are the same as the Secret Wars Thor. The gloves are only painted on. But the leg sculpt more than makes up for it. The shiny paint makes the figure stand out and he is less dull looking than the Marvel Legends version.  

His cape is removeable. His shoulder pads are attached to his cape.

He comes with his hammer Stormbreaker. The collectable comic shot is of The Mighty Thor #337.

Articulation. He's got a jaw hinge, ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, hinge elbow, wrist swivel, torso pivot, waist rotation, ball joint hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle swivel and hinge. His cape gets in the way of crouching and kneeling poses.

Some comparison shots. He's shorter than the various Thors. I think they are supposed to be the same size in the comics.

The Annihilators.

Beta-Ray Bill appears in wave 18 and is repacked in wave 21, so he should be pretty easy to find. Thanks for viewing!

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Kim Dubuisson said...

Cant wait to get this one! We love Beta Ray!!!!!