Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Iron Man Legends Titanium Man

Surprised to see this at local retail. Shocked at the price, which is around US$35. That's almost double the price of the 6" IM movie figures from the year before. I still purchased it in the end. A store discount helped make the decision. But I was not as happy than I normally would be buying a sought after figure from retail.

Titanium Man is part of the Iron Man Legends series. One of four figures in this wave, the other three being Iron Man Mark VI, Warmachine and Hulkbuster Iron Man.

I like the packaging. It is bright and attractive. There's an Avengers Assemble logo on it. I hope it means there's a Thor and Captain America Legends series in the works and not just for promotional purposes.

Titanium Man is a nice figure. Would prefer if he was a bit taller and bulkier though. Check out the pics for yourself. 

The articulation is one of the best I've seen on a Hasbro Marvel figure.

The shoulder pads can be adjusted a little. In the pic below, his right side is at its highest point while his left side is at its lowest. While it allows for slightly better arm movement, he's not going to be doing jumping jacks. 

He's got double jointed elbows but the bands on his arms restrict their usefulness.

His wrists can be rotated and have side to side articulation. 

Titanium Man comes with a double missile launcher. The attachment is too big and it can barely stay on his forearm. You can try to attach it to the band but you risk breaking it.  

A comparison shot. These were a few I had handy. Just noticed his head was tilted downwards. He's around the same height as Mark VI and Silver Centurion, and taller than Face-off. 

Some shots with Iron Man.

I'm okay with the light green colour. It actually looks pretty good. However, would have prefered if they stuck with dark green, then it would match the 3.75" version. Come to think of it, it may be time to dig out the 90s Toybiz version.

Titanium Man is a good figure to get. I hope you find him for lower than what I paid.   

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