Sunday, February 20, 2011

Iron Man Armored Avenger 3.75" Hammer Drone

More Iron Man stuff. This time its the  3.75" Hammer Drone from the new Iron Man line. Or I should say extension of the IM2 line. With IM2 figures still clogging the pegs and Thor on the way, I decided to ship this in. 

The number for this figure is 44. Useful to know if you're looking for him on the pegs.  

I'm not sure if this drone appeared in the IM2 movie. I thought it was the suit worn by Whiplash at the end but I've been told that its not. Said to be very similar though.   

The Hammer Drone is the same figure as the Weapon Assault Drone, aside from the head. Speaking of which, it looks a bit like Ultimate Iron Man's head.      

If you own any of the IM2 drones, you'll know that the design restricts articulation. The following is where I'm most irritated over. It cannot raise its legs.  

The Hammer Drone comes with chains and whips which you can interchange.

The drone line-up. Hammer Drone is the shiniest of the lot. Almost the whole figure is painted with metallic paint. 

Tried out Whiplash's head on it. His hair prevents it from fitting properly. I would trim the hair but I didn't want to spoil my only piece. 

Yay for another drone. Boo to the various Iron Man of this wave. Though I will consider the new Mark V and light up War Machine if they reach retail. Hope to see Black Widow and Stark, Rhodes head figures one day.  

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