Thursday, January 20, 2011

DC Action League series 1

Love these little figures. Cute and colourful. I'm finally able to add more to the Action League shelf.

Superman VS Bizarro

Superman's expression is a bit odd.
He needs the base to stand. I have a feeling he may fall in the future, but it seems sturdy enough for now.

Bizarro is nice and big.
The rock fits nicely in his hands, but it takes a bit of effort to make him stand with it.


Firestorm VS Deathstorm

These 2 have the worst paint of my lot.
They are almost a mirror image of each other.
I like the translucent hair piece.

Green Lantern VS White Lantern Sinestro

Green Lantern is my favourite of this series.
Everything just seems right.

Would have prefered Sinestro in his classic costume.
He'll stand in until that version comes along.

Flash VS Captain Boomerang

Flash's head seems a little bit big, and from certain angles fat.
Like Superman, he needs the base to stand.

Good to see this version of Captain Boomerang. Hope Mattel does one for JLU too.
I seem to recall the boomerang being white / silver in colour. Mine is black.

The new Action League figures fit in with those that were previously released. 
Some differences,  the new heads are more angular and the bodies have more muscle definition.  

There are already many similar parts used for this series, I hope we do not get too many in the same pose. Looking forward to series 2 and beyond, and hopefully we'll see female characters released as well.  

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