Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marvel Select Juggernaut

I don't usually buy Marvel Select figures, but this one I just had to get. Juggernaut is one massive piece of plastic awesomeness ! 

He's got a great sculpt. Check out the detail. The texture of his armour, the veins in his arms, the worn look of his bands and boots. Speaking of boots, bet those ridges are going to leave a mark. 

He is taller than the Marvel Legends version, and his arms don't look like they belong to a gorilla. I also prefer the look of his helmet which is flatter. Pity it's not removable.

Scale wise, I think he fits well with the ML figures. 

As far as big guys go, who better to compare him with than the Hulk. If I'm not wrong, the Hulk is supposed to be taller than the Juggernaut. Looks like I have to track down a Marvel Select Hulk.

Juggernaut comes with a crowbar looking stand which is used to hold a backdrop card. The backdrop is double sided. One side shows a city in ruins, the other shows an explosion. The card is too small to use in a photoshoot for Juggernaut. Maybe I'll use it for Marvel Universe figures.

Juggernaut is one of my more worth it buys in recent memory. A better product which cost just SGD10 more than a DCUC figure and has more plastic than 3 MU figures.

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calebmatrix said...

It seems pretty damn hard to find in Malaysia. Shipment for him is pretty damn low...