Saturday, May 7, 2022

Star Wars Day 2022

Events are starting up again! The easing of the Covid-19 restrictions came just in time for Star Wars Day! This would be my first proper event in over two years! And a great thing is that the event will last from from now till 16 May 2022 at Suntec City. That's over a week! I probably will head down a couple more times. There are various activities going on.


Click this link for the full list of events and activities. 

I cannot tell you how great it felt to be at a proper event again. The crowd, the costumed characters walking around, the displays, the merchandise, chatting with others etc. Oh how I missed it!

The event is taking place at various parts of Suntec City. You'll want to start at level 3 in the East Wing near La Tendo and Zero Latency so as to pick up a "Galactic Passport". Collect stamps from the various zones in order to redeem patches. Take note that it's limited to 100 redemptions per day!  

In the East Wing you'll find the Star Wars Vintage display, Fan Art display, Toy Photography Exhibition, Fan Club Showcase and Collectibles Bazaar among other things. Here's some shots of that. 

If you're looking to catch some Star Wars characters you'll definitely find some in this area. There will also be some who are roaming Suntec City. Do take note of their appearance timings from the schedule in the link above.   

Moving on to the North Wing. Here you'll find yet more toy displays, the Green Space and the Hamsters in Space booths. Various workshops and activities will also be held in this area.

The Green Space is where you can see and learn how to make your Star Wars Terrarium. Do check the schedule.

Hamsters in Space is where you can see hamsters in Star Wars decorated environment. There are hamsters up for adoption if you're keen. 

I managed to catch local costumer and painter Herve Cotton in action. He's a great guy. Do check out his Youtube videos in the link. 

In the West Wing you'll find the Star Wars LEGO display.

And also the Star Wars Black Series display (near Uniqlo) which I was most excited to check out.

I especially liked seeing the various troopers. Those are tough to complete. I gave up on my clones half way through. I think I sold those that I had.

That's all for now. I had a great day out! I'll update this post if I have anything further to add. Thanks for viewing!

(No I do not wear any costumes. Doubt I'll look good...) 

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