Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SDCC 2016 DC Multiverse 3.75" Wonder Woman & Invisible Plane

In commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman, Mattel released this 3.75" figure of her with her Invisible Plane via their SDCC 2016 online sale. Here are some pics of it. 

The packaging is huge! The 3.75" Superman is pictured to give you a sense of the size. While this retailed for US$15, getting this shipped over here cost quite a bit more than that... The packaging features the cover of Sensation Comics #1, which is the first cover Wonder Woman appeared on.

On the back there's a short description about her and of the figure.

The Invisible Plane comes secured on a tray. 

When I first heard about the Invisible Plane being released I thought we would just get the figure only and we would have to pretend it to be in her Jet. Mattel has actually done something like that before with the DCUC Legion of Superheroes Invisible Kid. Seeing the pics put my mind at ease lol. Now the Jet is not what we had hoped for but it's at least something. And at the the price point I can't really complain. That is when not taking the shipping into account... The Plane is made of the sort of plastic used for the bubble of a package. It does feel a bit thicker and more hardy. It can get scuffed and dented so we have to handle it with care. I'm more concerned about it yellowing. It's based on its early appearance. It has a propeller on the front. There's some nice detail on it. You can see some of the panels and covers. 

I'm generally okay with the plane. The thing that bugs me though are the "stapled" edges. I would have preferred if they could have "sealed" the plane without it. They remind me of the Toy Biz and McFarlane clamshell packaging we used to struggle with.

Another thing that annoys me is that we cannot take the figure out without doing damage to the plane. It looks like Wonder Woman is going to be stuck in her plastic tomb. You don't have to worry about her moving around in the cockpit as she is tied to her seat. The figure is a repaint of the DC Infinite Heroes Wonder Woman from the SDCC 2010 Justice League Starro set. Gold paint is used instead of yellow and she has painted boots here instead of sandals. 

A stand is included to place the plane on. I have never owned this sort of stand before but from the looks of it, it appears to be the Flying Stand 2.0 which Matty sells on their site. I suppose that's one way to clear some of the stock. It's quite a nice stand. The vertical shaft may be extended, there's a hinge at the neck and the claw can be rotated.  

When placing the plane on ensure the claw grips the slot where the protruding section is. The plane is quite secure on the stand when still. It may drop off if you move it though. You also can't position it with too much angle / tilt as the whole stand will topple over.

Here's a few more pics. 

The plane looks decent. I'm quite disappointed that the figure cannot be removed. Thanks for viewing! 

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