Sunday, July 24, 2016

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends Series The Raft - Enchantress

The Abomination series will have to be put on hold for the moment as there has been a breakout at The Raft! Uh oh here comes Enchantress.

The Raft boxset is a SDCC 2016 exclusive. The Raft is the name of a prison in the Marvel Universe and holds some of the worst villains. In this case the inmates include Abomination, Enchantress, Dreadknight, Purple Man and Sandman. Spider-man is in there too. He's probably checking things out. The box front features great artwork of the above mentioned villains in their cells. I assume energy barriers are what's keeping them locked up. There's an electronic display of their vitals on their cells. 

On the back of the box you can read a short description of the villains and of the scene of the breakout attempt. 

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The front cover of the box is secured with velcro. Lifting the cover reveals the figures in their cells with Spider-man first dealing with Dreadknight. There's more great artwork on the interior. We can see more of the prison and some of the other inmates. They include Electro, Eel and Hobgoblin. Characters which we've recently got a figure of. On the top of the box are clear windows to allow light in should you wish stand it up and display the figures in box. 

Now for a look at Enchantress. One of my most wanted figures has finally been released. When you think of Thor villains she ranks in the top ten. For me at least. The figure looks great. She's too tall unfortunately. She's on the Scarlet Witch body. She's wearing heels and is not easy to stand properly. This is compounded by her wobbly knees. She's got a great head sculpt. She has such a devilish look. They sculpted her with a little smirk. Love it! The paint apps are great. Her lips and eyebrows were well done. They even painted in the eyelashes. And she has on shiny light green eyeshadow. One letdown are the eyes which were painted looking up. Her hair has good volume and good detail. The top looks flat especially when view from the back. I like that they did some light brown shading for it. The tiara is a new piece and painted with a metallic green. Her arm sleeves and the band of her skirt are also metallic green. This helps make the figure less dull. The skirt section is a separate piece. It was made of  a thin light flexible plastic which allows for leg articulation. The green rings on her pants were well painted. 

Accessories. She comes with the same hex effect pieces as Scarlet Witch. Her's is green

Articulation. She's got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, swivel hinge wrists, ball joint torso, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. She can look down a bit but not up due to her hair. Head rotation is also hindered a little but achievable. The skirt piece will get raised when she lifts up her legs. 

Comparison shots. She and Loki look good together.

This is a nice figure. Just too tall. Thanks for viewing!

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