Thursday, July 28, 2016

Marvel Legends Series Abomination (BAF & SDCC 2016 The Raft)

Here's a look at not one, but two Abominations. One is the BAF version and the other is from the Raft boxset.

First the BAF. Here's the parts list:

Head - Scarlet Witch
Torso - Eel
Right Arm - Secret War Captain America
Left Arm - Captain Britain
Right Leg - Wonder Man
Left Leg - Iron Skull

The Abomination BAF is a good looking figure. The sculpt is excellent. He's just a little too colourful for my liking though. The colours are cool and well done but when I think of Abomination I think of a plain green coloured monster. The head sculpt is superb. He's got a fearsome look. There's great detail. His teeth were partially sculpted and well painted. His eyes are silver in colour. The eyebrow ridges are thick and bony and there are ridges on his face. The top of his head is bumpy and textured. The surface of it kinda reminds me of broccoli. The body is a combination of new and old parts. The torso, upper arms, hand and feet are new while the forearms and legs are reused parts from the Rhino BAF. He looks stumpy and out of proportion due to his legs. It looks like they stuck on a piece to raise his shoulders. It was not done very well though and you can see where it was stuck on. That is the noticeable curved line across his chest. There's great sculpted detail on his body. The "shell" on his back and shoulders look very thick and durable. His skin has bumps on it and textured, and looks very tough. He has long nails on his fingers and toes. I like that they were painted. The paint apps are good. I like how the different shades of green transition. I also like the black applied on the "shell". I don't mind the blue trunks as that's what he wore originally.  

The Abomination from the SDCC 2016 The Raft boxset is a repaint of the BAF version. He is mostly dark green in colour which is my preferred look for him. There are other differences. His eyes are gold here. The inside of his mouth was painted red. Some black shading was done on the ridges on his face and also on his body. Black wash was applied in some areas as well, most notably on the legs. Very nice! His nails are dirty white as compared to black on the BAF version. And he's wearing black trunks instead of blue. 

Articulation. They both have a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, elbow hinge, swivel hinge wrists, ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, knee hinge and ankle hinge and pivot. They can look down well and up decently. The ab crunch allows one click forward and one clik back. I like how high they can raise their legs for a big guy. They are able to sit on the surface with legs stretched straight out. 

Something which I saw others do which I didn't realise previously. The printed inserts of the Raft boxset can be used for a prison diorama. Cool!

Comparison shots. Abomination is supposed to be shorter than the Hulk so the size of this figure okay. I do not own the Marvel Select version so I can't compare it with that.

Both nice figures. I prefer the Raft version for the colours. Thanks for viewing!


Zach C. said...

Great review man, and excellent pics as always. Thanks for doing a double review like this, helps big time with deciding which one to get.

isko said...

Excellent review! I agree with your choice. I also prefer the Raft version of this figure. I just wish the Cap series had a different BAF to go with it.

Unknown said...

Awesome review! Loved it man, keep it coming. I have the SDCC version and I know, since I am a huge Abomination fan, I will have to get them both:)

Unknown said...

dear, where can i buy this figures, please help me