Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ultimate Spider-man All-Stars Spider-man & Super Strength Green Goblin

Here's a couple more All-Stars figures. This time from the 3.75" Ultimate Spider-man series.

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I always had a soft spot for figures with an animated look. After seeing Spidey here I just had to get it. He looks great!

He comes with a web line and web net. The web shooter may be attached to either wrist and he can hold the net in his right hand. 

I didn't want Green Goblin as much. I got him so Spidey has a foe to fight against. He's got size issues as you'll see later. The sculpt is decent and looks show accurate. He's got some nice sculpted scaly detail on his skin. The silver on his torso is shiny while his shoulder pads and glove is matte. My figure has some paint scratches on the front and back.

Green Goblin comes with two pumpkin bombs. The smoke trail is pretty cool. It's translucent with some black in it. You can wedge the bombs into his hands.

Articulation. Both figures have only a ball joint neck, peg shoulders and peg hips.

Comparion shots. Spidey is shorter than  Marvel Universe figures.

That's okay though as he is shorter than most adult characters in the shows. He'll fit in fine with Avengers Assemble figures.

Green Goblin on the other hand...

These figures are more appealing than those Power Webs figures with the rubber band stuck in their wrists. Spidey is a nice figure to get to go along with the other animated Marvel figures. Height aside, Green Goblin is okay. Thanks for viewing!


Combo said...

This is how I want my Ultimate Green Goblin to look like on a 6-inch scale Marvel Legends figure.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

great pics- i like that Goblin!